How to Make a Personal Collage

You have that assignment about the things you love but you don't know how to do it! This article will explain the steps to a great collage about your self.


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    Clear off a desk. Have a big desk with lots of easy to access file holders. Make sure you have no extra papers on your desk to make sure you don't get the papers mixed up. Right now you should have these things on your desk:
    • A pair of scissors
    • Tape
    • A your choice color of construction paper
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    Get some old magazines or newspapers. Anything that you like to read is OK as long as it is yours or you have permission to do so. Place them un a stack in most likely to have things you like to least things you like. If you have no magazines or newspapers, can't cut up friends, or libraries don't trust you, then you can take pictures yourself.
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    Look through the material. Look through the entire stack of things, folding back edges of a page you think might have something that you like on it.
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    Cut. Go through all the pages you marked and cut out the pictures you think you might want. Be careful to cut only around the pictures, not on the pictures.
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    Decide. Decide which ones stay and which ones go. You will only need about 5-10 pictures depending on the size of the paper. Don't eliminate to many or you won't have enough.
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    Tape and flatten. Fold the corners to their original position. Tape all of the corners down to the paper. Don't tape over the picture or it won't fit. Put about an inch of tape down every corner


  • Use multicolored tape to spice up your collage.
  • Bright backgrounds bring out attention.


  • You can cut yourself with scissors.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A piece of construction paper
  • Magazines or newspapers
  • A clean desk

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