How to Make a Reminder Ring from a Plastic Tag Thread

Two Parts:Preparing the Tag ThreadMaking the Tag Thread Ring

Are you forgetful? Are you also thrifty? Combine your desire to reuse items with your need to be reminded by turning those ubiquitous plastic price tag threads into a reminder ring that you can wear. This neat craft doesn't require a needle or specific jewelry making skill, so there's no excuse for making something to remember!

Part 1
Preparing the Tag Thread

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    Obtain a tag thread. These are often applied to goods for sale that aren't able to take a sticky price tag. If you don't want to spend much, look for an item in a dollar store.
    • Try to keep a supply of these tag threads in a small container inside your craft box. That way, you can make as many of these as you like in the future.
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    Cut the thread tag. When removing it from the item, cut it carefully. The aim is to cut the thread as close to the little fastener bump as you can, to make as much thread available for the project as possible.

Part 2
Making the Tag Thread Ring

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    Create a ball at the end of the plastic thread. Hold one end of the plastic thread in the naked flame of a candle to create a ball.
    • Place the plastic in the area indicated in the image, the lower end of the flame closest to the candle. This is the area of highest temperature and will result in a lot less smoke than if you were to place the plastic thread higher up the flame.
    • Place a bowl of water near you in case you need to quickly extinguish any burning plastic (see Warnings below).
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    This is how the ball should look once formed.
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    Thread the seed beads onto the plastic thread. The first bead will rest on the ball end you've just created, allowing you to keep threading on the rest of the seed beads.
    • About halfway, cross the plastic thread over and through a larger bead to keep the crossing in place (see the image for instruction).
      Image titled T ring2_459
    • Continue threading on the remaining beads until you get to the end of the plastic thread. (If you've used plastic instead of glass seed beads, the final bead should be made of glass, to prevent burning when melting the final ball.)
    • Hold the last beads in place by pinching with your fingers or using a pair of metallic tweezers.
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    Make another ball end to stop the beads from sliding off. Use the method as described above for the first ball. Try to align the final length of this piece evenly, so that it fairly matches the other length. Done; it's now ready to place on your finger whenever you need to remember something!


  • It's a good idea to practice melting the thread if you're new to this. Your first attempts might not work well; just keep trying.
  • This method is effective for other craft items, such as making a carnation from a plastic egg carton.
  • This method can also be used to make pretty buttons. Thread the beaded plastic thread in and out of the button holes and tie or melt in place.
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    Image titled T button2_988


  • Use appropriate caution when handling fire.
  • Not all plastic thread will melt without burning; if you notice it burning rather than forming a ball, stop immediately, dip in water and then discard.
  • If you have used plastic seed beads rather than glass, the last bead or so before the end of the thread must be glass, to prevent burning when creating the plastic thread ball.

Things You'll Need

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    Glass seed beads (small) and 1 large glass bead for the center bead
  • Plastic price thread
  • Lighter/candle
  • Scissors
  • Bowl of water, for extinguishing (just in case)
  • Container for keeping plastic price threads in (optional)

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