How to Make a Roast Cook Faster

Roasted meat can be part of a traditional, savory meal that most families will enjoy. The challenge with this dinner, however, is the length of time that's involved in making it. Many would-be home chefs avoid roasted meat altogether because they believe it takes too long to make. Knowing how to make a roast cook faster without sacrificing flavor or tenderness is a matter of learning a few key tips and choosing a method that best meets your available tools or needs.


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    Consider roasting your dinner in a convection oven. This cooking process works by using a fan to continuously blow hot air onto the meat rather than just surround it, and as a result you can roast dishes and sides approximately 25% faster than with a regular oven. If time is a factor for you, you may wish to consider purchasing and using a convection oven.
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    Use a pressure cooker to roast meat quickly. Pressure cookers steam the roast by using a great deal of pressure and force the heat into the meat. This option will roast food in approximately 1/3 of the time compared to traditional cooking methods. The initial investment in a good pressure cooker is generally modest and has the added benefit of being "green," which can save you roughly 70% of the energy that an oven uses.
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    Sear your roast in a preheated pan on the stove top before putting it in the oven. You can use a pan you already own rather than having to purchase new appliances or tools. By searing the roast for approximately 5 minutes per side, you will flash heat the meat in a much faster way and produce a crispy crust on the outside of the roast, which many diners enjoy.
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    Roast your dinner in a dark-colored roasting pan. When placed in a dark gray or black pan, meat will cook and brown slightly quicker in the oven. A dark metal roasting pan will shave anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes off the total oven cooking time.
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    Chop any side vegetables you're roasting alongside your meat into smaller pieces. Larger chunks take longer to cook, which will extend your cooking time. Use a kitchen knife to cut bite-size pieces.
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    Remove any bones from poultry roasts, such as turkey or chicken, wherever possible. Use a sharp knife to cut out any bones from the meat, and you can reduce cooking time. Although removing bones can add approximately 20 minutes to your overall cooking time, it can be done in advance of cooking and saves you significant time in roasting by reducing the overall size of the bird.


  • Whenever possible, do not sacrifice resting time in order to speed up your meal. One of the keys to a tender roast is allowing the meat to sit out of the oven for approximately 5 to 15 minutes. This process helps the meat to reabsorb the natural juices, tenderize the meat, and add flavor. If you cut the roast before this, you will lose valuable flavor and texture.


  • Never serve undercooked meat in order to shorten roasting time. Roasted meat that is not completely cooked can lead to serious illness. Consult local serving guidelines for the meat you are roasting, and serve the meat only when it reaches the recommended internal temperature.
  • Avoid the temptation to turn up the cooking temperature on your stove. While this may indeed cook a roast quicker, it will dry out the meat and create a well-done outside and potentially a rare center.

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  • Vegetables (optional)
  • Kitchen knife

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