How to Make a Small Bobbin from a Plastic Straw

This is a small and light bobbin which fits into a travel sized craft kit or travel sewing kit.


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    Gather the Things You'll Need (see below).
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    Cut a straw to a length of about 3 cm (just over an inch).
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    Cut a slit in one end of the straw. Then, cut two small slits in the opposite end of the straw.
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    Tie a knot in the end of the thread. Now, slip it into the slit and make sure the knot holds the thread firm.
  5. Image titled The thread wound off the big bobbin, onto the small, light one.
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    Wind the rest of the thread around and around the straw until you reach its end. Then, to prevent it unraveling again, stop the thread by weaving it through the two slits at the other end of the straw.

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  • Use a rather hard straw, or your bobbin might get bent/squashed when you travel with it.
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    It's possible to make several of these bobbins and then string them onto a cord as shown in the introduction image.

Things You'll Need

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    Plastic straw (Straight-type)
  • Pair of scissors
  • Thread
  • Cord (optional)

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