How to Make a Walk Feel Shorter

Sometimes walking by yourself gets really boring. It is beautiful to go for walks when it is sunny outside. This article will help you overcome that boredom of walking


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    Get your phone or iPod and bring some earphones when you go for a walk to listen to your favorite music. Listening to music will help with the feeling of being bored. Listening to your own music will make you feel better about yourself and make it more fun to go for a walk.
    • If your music has a good beat, it will help you continue to walk faster without realizing it.
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    Bring a friend along. Talk about what happened in school that day or talk about some gossip, the time will fly by when your best friend is around.
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    Bring a dog for a walk. This can be fun because you never know what your furry little friend will chase after. Bringing them will be beneficial to them and you because you can bond better when you two go places. Bring a small bag with some toys and go to an open area like a local park and play a little there.
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    When you have a certain destination you are planning on going might make it more fun. It might feel like forever getting there because you cant wait but it will be so much fun thinking about what you are going to go do.


  • Don't make the walk boring
  • Always bring a phone so your parents can contact you


  • Never walk to a place you have never been to before
  • Never run in the middle of the road
  • Never get into a car you don't know who's in
  • Don't walk into a sketchy neighborhood
  • Don't ask anyone for directions or a ride if you don't know them and you are lost. Call your parents.

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