How to Make an Apron with a Plastic Garbage Bag

Are you looking to make some simple disposable aprons? Plastic garbage bags come in a variety of sizes, are somewhat waterproof, and are relatively inexpensive, providing excellent material for a quick, easy, and cheap apron for messy hobby and craft projects.


  1. Image titled Choose the right size of bag Step 1
    Choose an appropriate size bag for your project. For an adult painting, cleaning fish, or other very messy projects, use the large, heavy duty ones. For smaller tasks, or smaller people like children, the small trash can bags will work.
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    Cut the top corners off the garbage bag so it forms an apron shape. This can be skipped if it is a one-time use apron, but if you will reuse it, take a little time to shape it up and make it neater.
  3. Image titled Decorate Step 3
    Decorate your apron if you plan to keep it for multiple projects and the ideal appeals to you. Cut paper into words (i.e. I am the chef! I am the cooking monster!). Use multicolored construction paper for really artistic results.
  4. Image titled Glitters and colors Step 4
    Decorate your letters with colour or glitter if you want to go the extra step.
  5. Image titled Glue letters Step 5
    Stick the letters to your apron using a suitable glue. It will help if you use cellophane tape to temporarily anchor the bag/apron to a flat working surface.
  6. Image titled Tape a string Step 6
    Tape a string to each of the top corners of the apron, and one to each side around the middle of it to secure it to the person who will use it.
  7. Image titled Rinse Step 7
    Rinse the finished apron when you are done with it if you haven't decorated it with paper or other materials that are not waterproof, and you can hang it to reuse later. For aprons which have decorations, you may still be able to brush some of the splatters or mess from it when it is dry and save it for later use.


  • Heavy duty bags like leaf and yard waste bags are more durable and less likely to fail when used.


  • Never let a small child play with a garbage bag or any other material that might cause them to be suffocated or choked.

Things You'll Need

  • a lot of paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • garbage bag
  • glitter
  • tape
  • string

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