How to Make Bag Lunches Less Boring

Packing a bag lunch to take to work or school is a great way to save money on a lunch you would otherwise buy. It is also a good way to make sure you are eating healthy foods, instead of the selections filled with fat, salt and sugar that are usually found in cafeterias, fast food restaurants and other popular lunch spots. Packing the same sandwich every day can get boring, however. Make bag lunches less boring by keeping food in your house that is easy to pack, including treats and using a colorful lunch bag instead of the standard brown paper bag.


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    Choose a fun lunch bag. Your lunch does not have to travel in a traditional lunch box or brown paper bag.
    • Use a thermal lunch bag that is insulated to keep perishable items cold.
    • Look for colorful designs and patterns that match your personality, or your child's personality if you are packing lunches for school.
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    Make an interesting sandwich. Try a different kind of bread, such as whole grain, rye, or even a pita or a bagel.
    • Use different lunch meats such as peppered turkey, prosciutto, spicy ham and sliced pepperoni. Your cheese could be something other than pre-packaged American cheese, like mozzarella or provolone or swiss.
    • Dress your sandwich with interesting toppings and condiments. Try hummus or spicy mustard instead of mayo, add cucumbers or spinach instead of lettuce and try a few slices of marinated peppers or a handful of sprouts.
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    Pack leftovers. If you have something delicious saved in the fridge from last night's dinner, pack it for lunch if you have access to a microwave and can heat it up.
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    Make a salad. If you eat salads with dinner, pack your lunch salad at the same time you are making your dinner salad to save time.
    • Add tasty salad toppings, such as veggies, fruits and protein such as chicken, steak, shrimp, tuna and eggs.
    • Pack a bottle of dressing or pour it into a small container. If you like some crunch, pack croutons, almonds or other crunchy toppings in a small bag to add to your salad before you eat it.
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    Include appetizing sides to whatever your main lunch item is. Sides can make a boring lunch fun.
    • Pack different fruits and veggies. Instead of the standard apple, try some dry apricots or fresh mango. Leave the carrot sticks at home and pack sliced jicama or grape tomatoes you can eat with chunks of mozzarella cheese.
    • Include some great dipping sauces and spreads. Ranch dressing or hummus are great for veggies, peanut butter is good for celery and apples
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    Allow yourself a treat. Pack 2 or 3 cookies, a brownie or whatever will satisfy your sweet tooth.
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    Make your drink fun. Skip the bottled water, especially if you can get water at work or school. Pack a raspberry iced tea, lemonade or a seltzer with a twist of flavor.
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    Be creative. If you do not have the time to make a sandwich or a salad, use whatever you have in your kitchen. Pack mini muffins, yogurts and even cereal.
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    Get some crunch by packing nuts. Nuts are far more interesting and a lot healthier than a bag of chips or pretzels. Try almonds, walnuts, pecans or sunflower seeds.
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    Give your kids their favorite foods without being boring. Instead of a standard peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cut off the bread crusts, flatten the bread and roll it up after you spread the peanut butter and jelly on it.
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    Write a note if you are packing a lunch for your spouse or children. This will give them something to smile about when they open their lunch. Throw in some stickers for your kids or a picture of your family pet.


  • Make clean-up easier by packing moist towelettes or baby wipes in a sealed bag.
  • Remember that food safety is important. Do not pack anything that might spoil. Freeze a bottle of water or juice box overnight and then place it in your lunch bag in the morning to keep food cold. The drink should melt by lunch time.

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