How to Make Beer Bottle Goblets

Three Parts:Cutting the BottleCleaning and Sanding Your PiecesAssembling Your Goblets

Turning old beer or soda bottles into goblets is a fun way to recycle and reuse. With just a few easy steps you can cut up old bottles and glue them back together into a new shape to make reusable glasses that are great for serving wine or beer. Done safely and properly, making beer bottle goblets is an easy and quick way to add character to any party or get together. They also make great additions to a home bar.

Part 1
Cutting the Bottle

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    Remove any paper labels from the bottle. Because you will be getting the bottles wet, paper labels will end up peeling and coming off in clumps anyway. They can also bunch up around your cutting blade and make it more difficult to cut an even line. Be sure to peel labels off completely before cutting your bottle.
    • Soaking the bottle in warm water can help loosen the label.
    • Consider store bought products like Goo Gone that can dissolve the glue used to attach beer labels to the bottles.
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    Get a glass cutter. The best way to cut your beer bottle is with a store bought glass cutter. [1] You can get these online or at most craft stores. There are also cutters made specifically for cutting glass bottles.[2] These tend to have rollers and adjustable blades that make it very easy to secure the bottle and make an even cut.
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    Determine where to make the cut. You have two options here. You can cut the bottle closer to the top where the glass starts to curve into the spout. With this method, you will eventually glue the neck to the bottom of the bottle. You can also make the cut around the circumference of the bottle about an inch from the bottom. This way you can flip the bottle over and just glue the spout to the bottom piece which will act as the base. The second method will allow liquid to be poured into the neck which allows the goblet to hold more and also adds some character to it.[3]
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    Secure the bottle. Making a straight cut is difficult if the bottle is moving around. Most store bought cutters made specifically for cutting bottles will have rollers and guides to keep the bottle in place. Consider asking a friend to hold the bottle at both ends while you focus on cutting. Have your friend slowly spin the bottle as you cut so that you are working together to move around the entire bottle.
    • If you are cutting around the bottom of the bottle you can use a roll of duct tape as a holder. Insert the bottle into the center of the roll and grip it tight. With your free hand, position the glass cutter against the bottle. Keep the glass cutter still, using the roll of tape as a base, and start to turn the bottle until the line you are cutting meets itself on the other end.
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    Make your cut. Again, depending on what kind of goblets you choose to make, you will either be cutting the bottle closer to the top where the glass starts to curve into the spout or around the circumference of the bottle about an inch from the bottom. You can mark this area with a magic marker or by tying a piece of string around the bottle tightly to act as a guide. You should be using some pressure to make the cut around the glass. It’s normal to hear a scraping noise and the line on the bottle should be visible as you cut.[4]
    • You don’t need to cut all the way through. You are just scoring the bottle at this point.
    • You may need to go around two or three times depending on how thick the bottle is and how deep your first cut went.
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    Alternate running the bottle under warm water and rubbing the cut with an ice cube. Scoring the bottle with the glass cutter will not make a deep enough cut to completely separate the bottle into two parts. It will only weaken that part of the bottle. Spin the place you made your cut under warm water from your tap for about a minute and then rub it down with an ice cube. The change in temperature will cause the glass to contract and expand, eventually splitting the bottle cleanly where you made your cut.[5]
    • You may need to repeat this process a few times.
    • If the bottle still isn’t splitting, consider going back over your cut once more with the glass cutter, this time applying more pressure.

Part 2
Cleaning and Sanding Your Pieces

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    Clean the bottles. Clean the bottles with soap and water in the sink. Make sure to clear away any glass powder.[6]
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    Sand down the edges around the cut. Get some sandpaper and work your way around the edges to smooth them out. Start by working the sand paper flat on top of the cut. Be sure to make the edges as even as possible. Once it seems even, start working the edges at an angle to round them out. Work the outside edge first and then move on to the inside edge. This will make the rim of the glasses smooth so that you won't run the risk of cutting yourself when you are drinking.
    • A small rotary sander can make this part go much faster. You can find them at craft and hardware stores.[7]
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    Rinse the pieces a second time. Wash the bottle parts one more time, making sure to get rid of any fine dust left over that might get stuck in the glue when you attach your parts.[8]

Part 3
Assembling Your Goblets

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    Set your bottom piece on the table cut side down. What was once the very bottom of your bottle should be facing upward. Make sure this piece sits level and doesn’t rock back and forth. This is going to be the base of your goblet so you want to make sure that you have sanded it level.[9]
    • If you decide to cut your bottle at the base of the neck, you’ll set that top piece down and check if it is level.
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    Glue the pieces together. Apply a thick layer of silicone adhesive around the lip of the bottle. Press it down onto the bottom piece, being sure there are no gaps. If you do encounter some gaps, fill them in with more of the adhesive.[10]
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    Hold for thirty-seconds. Hold the two parts together firmly for at least thirty seconds to give the glue time to secure the pieces together. Keep your hands as still as possible.
    • Some adhesives may require more time to start setting. Consult the package to be sure.
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    Let them dry for twenty-four-hours. Most silicone adhesives will cure after a few hours, but you should at least let them dry over night to be sure.[11]

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