How to Make Brown Eyes Stand Out

Four Parts:Preparing Your FaceWearing Flattering Eye Make-UpTrying Brown Eye Make-Up StylesDressing and Accessorizing to Your Advantage

Are you tired of trying to find ways to spruce up your brown eyes? Do you feel like you've tried everything, but nothing you do makes your brown eyes pop? If so, you've come to the right place. You can learn how to make your brown eyes pop in just a few easy steps.

Part 1
Preparing Your Face

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    Put concealer under and around your eyes to hide dark circles. If you want your brown eyes to pop, then you should minimize the dark circles under your eyes so people are focused on the right part of your face. You should use a concealer that is at least a shade lighter than your skin tone, and use a special colored-concealer (like yellow that professional make-up artists use to even out dark-eye circles). Here's how to apply your concealer the right way:
    • Remember to tap the concealer into your skin with your finger instead of rubbing it in.
    • Put a few dots of concealer around the dark circles under your eyes and gently tap it into your skin until it's blended.
    • Place a dot of concealer on the inside corners of your eyes. Tap it into your skin.
    • Add a little concealer over your nose or cheeks to cover any blemishes.
    • You can add a touch of concealer over your eyelids to use it as a base for your eyeshadow.
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    Apply a base coat over your face. Once you've applied the concealer around your eyes, you should apply foundation to hide any blemishes on your face and to even out your skin tone. You can use a sponge or a brush to apply the base coat. You don't have to apply it all over your face; instead, focus on the blemishes or uneven parts (Mac sells a concealer especially made to even out red blemishes). If you apply the base coat the right way, it will be easier for people to focus on your brown eyes.
    • Check your hairline and jaw lines to make sure that you don't have an obvious foundation line.
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    • If you want, you can add shimmer to your face after you apply the foundation. You don't have to put it all over your face, but just dab it in the inner corner of your eyes (light colors like white or beige is best) and create a thin line of shimmer over your top lids.[1]
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Part 2
Wearing Flattering Eye Make-Up

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    Wear the right eyeshadow. Brown can look good with almost any color except brown or colors that are close to brown, but you can really spice up brown eyes if you try a few different color palates that will really make your eyes pop. Here are some color palates to try:
    • Create a gold smoky eye. Instead of the traditional dark smoky eye, where brown eyes can get lost, you should try a gold smoky look, using light gold as a highlighter, deeper gold on your eyelid, and a dark or shimmery brown to contour your eye.
    • Create a purple palate. Put a medium shade of purple on your lid, put the darkest purple shade along the lash line, and put the lightest shade of purple over the brow bone.
    • Create a bold look using plum, gold, green, and blue. Mix these colors up in any order to experiment to find a look that works best for you.
    • Try a cobalt shadow for rich brown eyes.[2]
    • Use a neutral shade like taupe or bone on your inner lids, and combine it with a layer of copper shadow on the outer halves of your lids.[3]
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    Wear the right eyeliner. Eyeliner can also make a big impact on your brown eyes. To apply eyeliner on your bottom lid, just stretch the skin below your eye with one hand and apply the makeup with the other. You can line your top lid for a greater effect. Here are some colors to try:
    • A deep emerald eyeliner will really make your brown eyes stand out.
    • A shade of dark purple, or even royal purple, will also do the trick.
    • Try lining your eyes with white eyeliner. This will really make them stand out, but if you feel it's too extreme, opt for a silver or champagne color instead, which will create a similar look.
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    Wear the right mascara. To make your brown eyes stand out, you should apply a layer of mascara to your top and bottom eyelashes (being careful to use small amounts on the lower lashes). You can even apply a little more mascara to the eyelashes on the outer sides of each of your eyes to open up your eyes more. Just be careful not to apply too much mascara or your eyelashes which will clump and take attention away from your eyes. Here are some mascara colors to try with brown eyes:
    • Wear traditional black mascara instead of brown. Brown may blend in too much with your brown eyes. But if your eyes are hazel or a light brown, then brown can work.
    • Wear a mascara that is a shade of purple, such as plum or eggplant. It will be a subtle difference from black but it will really make your eyes pop.[4]

Part 3
Trying Brown Eye Make-Up Styles

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    Try the butterfly look for brown eyes:
    • After washing the face, apply moisturizer or foundation.
    • Start with a cream 'base' that is a lighter shade than your complexion.
    • Apply a gold or yellow eyeshadow on the lid. Add a light blue to highlight the brow bone, preferably glitter or shimmer. Use a darker blue in the crease of the lid. This adds contour to the eye and makes it more noticeable.
    • Use a black eyeliner (for better results use liquid). Start on the lid as close to the lashes as possible. Start from the corner the connects to the nose and apply a straight line to the end of eyelid and finish off with a tail.
    • Use the same eyeliner and start in the corner that connects the lid. Make the line curve up and diagonal towards the outer edge of the eyebrow. Sharpen the line out and connect to the end of the lid.
    • Finish it off with a lip gloss that's the closest to your natural lip color.

Part 4
Dressing and Accessorizing to Your Advantage

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    Wear complementary clothing. Your clothes can also make your brown eyes either stand out or be lost. If you want to make your brown eyes stand out, wear clothes that enhance the look of your baby browns. Here are some things to wear:
    • Wear dark blue, maroon, eggplant, sepia, or tan. These shades will create a nice contrast to the color of your eyes.
    • Emerald, violet, navy, and gray will also make your eyes look warmer.
    • Avoid colors that can wash out your brown eyes such as baby blue, light pink, yellow, light green, or any light hues. Tan and white are exceptions to this rule.
    • Though other shades of brown can make your eyes fade into the background, if you wear a color that is the exact same color as your eyes, your eyes will only stand out even more.
    • If you have a hint of green in your eyes, wear green to make them stand out.
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    Wear accessories that make your eyes pop. Your accessories can help draw attention to your brown eyes. Here are a few things to try:
    • Try wearing a scarf or a hat that matches the color of your eyes to make them stand out more.
    • Wear gold necklaces or earrings to draw even more attention to your eyes.
    • If you have light eyes with green or dark flecks in them, wear a scarf or necklace that matches the flecks and draws them out.
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  • Don't forget to tame your brows. If your brows haven't been trimmed or plucked in a while, they will distract people from noticing your beautiful eyes.
  • White eyeliner on the waterline and inner corners look stunning and make the eyes pop. Blend it in well.
  • To make your brown eyes pop, wear coral, cinnamon, or bronze lipstick. Red lipstick with an orange undertone will work great too. Just avoid muddy lipstick colors, or your lips and eyes will blend in with each other too much.
  • Go easy on the lips if you go all out on the eyes.
  • Be confident that is what will make your personality shine!
  • If you have dark brown eyes, avoid wearing too many dark colors, or your eyes will blend in with your clothes.
  • Be careful which purple palette you use; if you are fair-skinned, it could make you look tired.
  • If your hair is the same shade of brown as your eyes, you can consider putting highlights in your hair so there's more of a contrast between your hair and eyes.

Things You'll Need

  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Shimmer (optional)
  • All colors of eyeshadow
  • Purple, white, or silver eyeliner
  • Black or purple mascara

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