How to Make Edible Teacups

Planning a Mad Hatter's Tea Party? These dainty little edible teacups will certainly fit right in! Indeed, these treats are ideal for many party themes, such as princess, afternoon tea or fantasy parties. They're easy to make as long as you can get hold of the ingredients and if your children are old enough to help out, it will take even less time to put these edible wonders together.


  • The amounts are dependent on how many of the edible teacups you're planning on making:
  • Ice cream cones, round; choose ones with wide mouths––depending on the brand, they may even be referred to as cups
  • Smooth round cookies; often shortbread style cookies are round with a raised edge, making them perfect for serving as an edible saucer
  • Gummy ring candies
  • Decorator's icing
  • Treats to fill the edible teacup, such as candies, chocolates, nuts or tiny wafers, etc.


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    Remove the top of the ice cream cone from the base. To this, place the cone on its side and gently "saw" the serrated knife through the cone to separate the two sections.
    • Some of the cones may break as you do this, don't be too concerned!
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    Using decorator's icing, "glue" the round gummy ring to the round cookie.
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    Again using decorator's icing, glue the cone cup to the gummy ring.
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    Create a cup handle by cutting a gummy ring in half. Glue to the side of the cup using decorator's icing.
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    Leave to set. Once you're satisfied it has set well, fill with candies, chocolates or other goodies.
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    Repeat as many times as needed. If you have lots to make, set up a production line using helpers. One person can glue the gummy rings to the cookies, another can cut the cups, while another can glue on handles, etc. It's a fun way to prepare for a party together and definitely reduces the time needed to make the edible teacups.
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    Serve. To display, choose from one of these suggestions, or come up with your own idea:
    • Arrange a set of teacups on a serving tray covered in a pretty cloth and leave on the party table.
    • Place each edible teacup on a real saucer and serve individually.
    • Place each edible teacup on a paper doily for individual collection from a table display.
    • Arrange the individual edible teacups on a cake stand or cupcake stand.


  • When cutting gummy candies, you can make it easier by dipping the knife into hot water to prevent it from getting too sticky.
  • To make the edible teacup look like coffee, hot chocolate or your other favorite drink, add ice cream in the associated flavor and serve immediately to guests.
  • If making your own round cookies, make sure that they are both smooth and very evenly circular or you risk spoiling the effect of them being a "saucer".

Things You'll Need

  • Serrated knife (bread knife)
  • Cutting board and sharp knife for cutting candy

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