How to Make Everybody Happy Around You

Do you want to be that person who brightens up the room every time they walk in? They're always smiling, and everybody else follows suit. They always know what to say when someone's down, they can fix any situation, and they always keep their cool. To make everyone happy around you, a positive attitude is key.


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    Be positive. Spilled root beer all over your blouse? Just laugh it off. If you have a new blouse, change, but if not, just tell your friends how hilarious it is. Painted a beautiful painting only to have your brother ruin it with a bucket of water? Just smile and say that he's a kid (kindly), and that we all mess up sometimes. If people press you, say it was a fun experience painting, and that you didn't really have room for it in your house, anyway. Remember the saying-"It is better to light a candle than to curse the dark." Few people will remember what you said to them, but they will remember how you made them feel.
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    Be patient with everyone, even yourself. Everyone is different, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. If someone is struggling, remember how someone else was patient with you- or wasn't- and what you learned from that experience. Do what they did (or what you wish they did) for you, and remember your motives.
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    Recognize the good in everyone. It's there, no matter where. Compliment people every day. It can be something like, "Oh my gosh, you have the most beautiful hair in the world," "Hey, those are cute shoes," or even just "Nice work." You never know which compliments will stay with people their whole lifelong.
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    Smile, smile, smile! Think about the facts. Science has proven that smiling can boost your mood and change the way you look at things. And besides, who doesn't love a smiler?
    • Make sure your smile is genuine. Don't force it, just begin with looking at some cool things and contemplating just how blessed you are. Let the natural smile come from your thoughts, and build on it. If you can, learn to smile a Duchenne smile (a smile with the eyes).
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    Love people the way they are. Mortals aren't perfect. But we are still so, so, beautiful. A word of encouragement from a true person is worth more than an hour of praise by anyone after success. Just mentally list the good qualities of people around you, and look at them for who they are. You'll soon learn to love them.
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    Have time set aside for others. Find out how much sleep you need, write down how much time you need for meals, school, work, and homework or housework. Then take your extra hours and commit to spending that much time with friends, family, and strangers every day.
    • If you have very little free time, try eating meals with people you love or cutting down on some activities.
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    Don't complain about anything. No one likes people who always nag or complain. Be the person that can change any situation into a humorous one. Crack jokes and always get one policy right the person who laughs lasts.
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    Live each and every day to its fullest. Who knows when last will you get to see the sunrise. Be happy with whatever with you have, because there are some people who have it better in their lives and some don't. Always be grateful- live every day like Thanksgiving Day (if you are not American, just live every day counting your blessings).
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    Sincerely thank people for what they do. Give you a ride home? Say "thank you." Give you a piece of candy? Thank them. Give you a hug? Smile? Clean up after themselves? Say "thanks."

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