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Every college student wants extra money, and often complains about not having any, whether their college is paid for or not. This is a how-to for those students who want some money to spend on some extra food, a date, or maybe just some bowling.


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    Take online surveys. A lot of surveys will often pay you a small sum of money. Even though it might not be much, every little bit counts!
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    Get a campus job. Every college campus has jobs that are available. Though the jobs are often low-paying, they will work around your class and activities schedule to get you hours during the week. Many jobs are available, such as janitorial, food service, and working in the library. Be willing to accept any job opportunity, since they often fill up quickly.
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    Get a part-time job. Often college students just want to relax and do nothing when they are not in class. This is fine, but you probably will not come upon too much extra money. College towns usually have an array of fast-food restaurants and many other shops. Be willing to call multiple places asking about job openings, and be persistent.
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    Get an Internship. Working as an intern at a company, organization, or institute offers benefits that may include instruction, mentoring, work experience, networking opportunities, and resume reference. Some universities ask students and employers to fill out a "learning contract" that specifies what the students will learn during the internship. This is an excellent way to earn a reasonable income while attending college courses. Employers will typically allow students to set their own schedule or offer them a flexible work schedule.
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    Donate plasma. There are around 400 plasma donation centers across the U.S. Most centers will give you at least $20 for donating each time, and some will give up to $35 or $40. You can donate up to twice a week. It is easy to schedule a weekly appointment and work it into your routine. Each appointment takes about an hour and a half, and you can sit and read for class during your donation. The best clearinghouse for plasma donation locations is To distinguish the plasma centers from the whole blood donation locations look for "plasma" "bio"-something "interstate" "therapeutic" "IBR" "life sera" "PCCI" "ZLB" "SeraCare" "specialty" or "southern blood service" in the name. If you see one of these words, it is a plasma collection center.
    • Note: Some people cannot donate plasma, such as those with deep veins or 'bigger' people. It's just the way it is.
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    Work on the weekends. If you had a summer job, ask if you can keep working on the weekends after school starts, if you live close to where you lived during the summer.
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    Work seasonally. Many stores will hire personnel for the Christmas season.
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    Sell your stuff online. There are two main options: 1.) sell your extra stuff online that you do not need anymore, and 2.) sell stuff for other people, and ask for a percentage of the sale. Popular online classified and auction sites: and
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    Participate in research studies. If you hear about them being done on (or off) campus for money, look into it. They often pay quite well.
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    Start a Home Based business in network marketing or direct sales. An easy option for this is to sell things for people on ebay and ask for a portion of the profit.


  • Talk to your financial aid office about opportunities available to you. They can update you with new campus jobs, new scholarships, and new financial aid options.
  • Many campuses will give money for giving tours to prospective students. This may be worth looking into.
  • Be willing to do jobs you do not particularly like. Jobs such as working in a cafeteria may not be particularly fun, but they are worth your time if you are persistent. Paychecks are always worth the effort.


  • Online gambling can be dangerous. Approach this option with caution. Gambling sites have added preventive measures, but there may remain a few cheaters and scammers. It is definitely possible to lose money if you are not careful.
  • These options may not give you a substantial amount of money. Even with all of these options in place, tuition will often drain your account, depending on your school.
  • Every school and town work differently. There may be very limited options when it comes to jobs. Do not be disappointed with a lack of choice. You still may find success with persistence.

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