How to Make Eyebrows Darker

Read this article to know how to make your eyebrows darker.


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    Make sure your brows are nicely shaped, but not too thin. Determine your arch by identifying your face shape and what brow shape will suit you best. If you're not exactly sure how to shape your brows or what shape fits your face, take a peek at this article.
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    Grab an angled eyeshadow brush and a shade of eyeshadow (either one that matches you hair color or one that is slightly darker). Make sure the color you choose is natural looking and not too dark in comparison with your hair so that your brows will not look drawn on, but just naturally thicker and darker.
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    Get some shadow on your angled brush and gently tap off excess powder (i.e. on the rim of your sink, on the lid of your shadow, etc).
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    Apply the eyeshadow. Optimize the biggest angle of your brush to do the inner half of your brows and follow the natural shape with gentle, quick strokes. Once you get towards the outer ends of the brow, use the thinnest angle of your brush. Continue tapping of excess powder before strokes.
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    Check to see if the innermost part of your brow is the lightest, followed by the outermost edges, and the inner middle section is the darkest in comparison.
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    Step out confidently with your beautiful bold brows!


  • Use powder eyeshadow, not eyeliner, for the most natural look.
  • Don't use shimmery eye shadows they create an unnatural glittery-eyebrow look that you definitely don't want.

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  • Angled eyeshadow brush
  • Eyeshadow

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