How to Make Healthy Choices in the School Cafeteria

Schools are now trying to be healthier, so they aren't to blame for child obesity, but they haven't done much more than eliminate soda from vending machines and cafeterias. It is up to you, and you alone, to make healthy choices. For healthy choices, read on!


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    Avoid pizza. Only eat it once a week at most, and always eat cheese instead of pepperoni. Pepperoni has little nutritional value and has lots of saturated fat and extra calories.
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    Have an idea of what to avoid when it comes to unhealthy foods;
    • Trans fat: Artery clogging, causes heart disease; Now probably completely phased out of school food, is created when foods are hydrogenated partially or fully or fried. Common in fast food though.
    • Saturated fat: Artery clogging, causes heart disease, not even good in moderation; In all meats, but chicken breast without the skin has the least sat. fat and protein. A person on a 2,000 calorie diet should eat less than 20g of it a day, but an optimal and healthy amount would be 0g per day. Eating less saturated fat may boost your athletic performance and endurance too because your blood flows easier.
    • Bad artificial ingredients and artificial 0 calorie sweeteners; Now schools sometimes market 0 calorie artificially sweetened snacks and flavored drinks targeted at kids trying to lose weight or thinking that is a healthy alternative. Causes adverse side effects, ranging from stomach cramps to cancer later on in life. Unless you are a diabetic, you shouldn't use any sugar substitutes, no matter how tested they are. Always look at the ingredients on packaged foods in the cafeteria, don't be embarrassed if it looks like you think you are fat because other people will probably only think you are looking at calories and not be aware or know you are aware that other things make a food healthy.
      • BHT: Causes cancer, used to keep food dry, sometimes added to packaging of cereal. May cause abdominal cramps.
      • Sucralose: Artificial sweetener, used in Splenda. Untested in humans.
      • Aspartame: Artificial sweetener, causes cancer and other bad side effects. Probably the worst of all, if you avoid anything, it should be this.
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    Choose fruits and juices (NOT ones like Miranda, Limca etc. Try Lacnor). They are tasty and healthy, and you can always choose your favourite! Bananas, apples, mangoes, cherries, plums, oranges, lemons, blackberries, blueberries, kiwis, passion fruit, pomegranate, chikoos, sugarcanes, the list is endless!
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    Understand that even if you wish to pick healthy choices for school lunch, it is fine to eat junk food once in a while.
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    Fruits are not the only things, try milk! Milk is a complete food. It is loaded with calcium and protein. Mix with sugar, honey etc.. Once in a while you can have flavoured milk, but don't drink too much.


    1. Stand behind someone who you know will make a healthy choice. You are more likely to choose the healthy option if the person in front of you does. However, if the person in front of you takes something you enjoy which is not healthy, such as chips or French fries, your resolve will be tested.

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