How to Make Juicesicles (for Kids)

Do you need something that is quick and easy to do? Don't worry, because Juicesicles is just the thing to have on a hot, summer day. Won't you agree? This is so easy, this recipe is just for kids! It enjoys for family and friends.


  • Juice, choose your favorite flavor or type of juice .


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    Juice. Pour in any kind of juice like cranberry that you would like into a several paper cups, or an ice cube tray.
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    Stick the spoon, or a wooden Popsicle stick, or plastic spoon into the juice, when you put the cups in the freezer when they are halfway frozen, mushy, and put it in just in right timing. This counts!
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    Freeze. Now freeze your Juicesicles until they are frozen, or freeze for a day. Make sure if you freeze on your own judgement, not to take the Juicesicles too early.
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    Juicesicles out! When the juice is frozen, take them out, and pop them out, and they will be frozen. Now eat them and enjoy!


  • Make sure your Juicesicles are not too big so they won't fall off the wooden popsicle stick or spoon.
  • You can use any kind of juice that you prefer for your juicesicles, for that will be your flavor.
  • Make sure you put the toothpick or the spoon just in time, so you have a stick for you Popsicle.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper cups, or an ice holder (ice shaped holder)
  • Wooden popsicle sticks (you can find these in the craft department)
  • Freezer

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