How to Make Large Breasts Look Smaller

Two Methods:Dressing to Minimize the Appearance of Your BreastsPhysically Reducing the Size of Your Breasts

"They're up here!" How many times a day do you find yourself wanting to tell that to the guy who just can't seem to look you in the eyes? For those who want to draw attention away from your chest, there are ways to minimize the apparent size of your breasts.

Method 1
Dressing to Minimize the Appearance of Your Breasts

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    Have your bra fitted. Wearing a bra that fits is one of the easiest ways to improve your bust overall. Your bra cup should cover most of your breast and rest across the back in a straight line. The straps should not do the supporting; the band should support the majority of the weight. Go see a bra specialist to be fitted.
    • Go to a store that offers bras in a wide range of sizes, specifically sizes beyond DD. This is extremely important when finding the right fitting bra for you. Many stores will try to sell you what they have, and a lot of department stores only have the common sizes, which don't fit every body type.[1]
    • Don't stress over the fit of your bra. You might find out you're a 32E instead of 34DD. That's okay. A proper fitting bra is more important than the letter and number. A proper bra will make you look better, which can help boost your confidence.
    • Keeping your breasts well supported and lifted helps give you the appearance of a waist by increasing the length of your torso.
    • Have yourself fitted occasionally to make sure you're always fitted properly.
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    Wear a minimizer bra instead. Minimizer bras redistribute your breast tissue, which helps it appear you've taken a couple inches off your bust line. The important thing about minimizer bras is that they don't flatten your breasts.[2]
    • Minimizer bras help clothes fit better while you still remain comfortable. They help button up blouses not gap open, and help reduce the size of your cleavage when wearing turtlenecks.
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    Wear darker colors. Just like wearing solid dark colors will slim the look of your body, they will also minimize the impact of your breasts.
    • A well-fitted black blazer is a great all-around business look. A black dress for evening wear slims you, accessorizes well, and is always in style.
    • Go for a darker top with a bright skirt or pair of pants and eyecatching shoes.
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    Wear the right top. The blouses and sweaters you wear can go a long way to minimizing your bust. No matter what style you choose, you want to think about avoiding any cut, color, or pattern that emphasizes the size of your breasts.
    • Wear V-necks. Make sure the neckline stops right at your cleavage. Also try scoop necks, boat necks, or sweetheart necks. The key is to make sure the neckline doesn't plunge too deep. Deep cut necklines draw attention to your breasts.[3]
    • Don't wear anything with too many ruffles or flounces.[4]
    • Don't completely rule out horizontal stripes or boxy tops. Try a boxy top that hangs straight from your chest without ballooning. Wearing horizontal stripes in a looser fit will also detract some of the attention from your breasts. Try a cropped length to avoid a tented, baggy look.[5]
    • Avoid low-cut tops. A low cut top will frame and maximize large breasts so that it's virtually impossible to keep eyes away from them.
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    Choose the right fabric. Certain fabrics draw attention to your bust. Satin, velvet, and chunky knit fabrics can emphasize your bust. Stay clear of sequin tops and halter tops. Instead, wear terry cloth, cashmere, and cotton.[6]
    • When wearing a t-shirt, go for a slouchy fabric like a thick cotton or terry cloth that will drape over your bust and not be too clingy. Wear loose, crew neck t-shirts tucked into the front of a short skirt or boyfriend jeans to avoid the unflattering tent problem while looking stylish at the same time.[7]
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    Wear jackets and cardigans. Cardigans draw the eyes away from your breasts, and their long, straight lines minimize your curves. The layering also helps cover curves you may want to reduce.[8] Wear blazers and jackets open. Don't worry about getting a size large enough for it to button or zip; get a fit for your arms, back, and shoulders that hangs open.[9]
    • The layered look works well with larger breasts. The different sweaters or jackets cut the line of your outfit, taking the attention away from your bust. If your shirt is too low cut, try wearing a cami underneath. It's not only fashionable, but helps cover your cleavage.
    • Find a jacket that has heavy, structured fabric that draws attention away from your breasts. Motorcycle jackets can work because of the layers of fabric over your chest along with the cropped length.
    • If lapels on a blazer won't lie properly on your chest, go for a lapel-free style.
    • When buying coats, go for a single-breasted style.[10]
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    Avoid long necklaces. They draw the eye downward and to your chest. Instead, opt for no necklace or a choker. Another great style is large, statement necklaces. Go for necklaces with multiple pieces or strands of beads/gemstones.[11]
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    Don't wear tight blouses. Popping buttons with gaping holes draw the eye right to your breasts. Tight patterned fabrics or tight t-shirts stretch over your breasts, usually distorting the patterns on the shirt. Go for fitted shirts, but not skin tight.
    • Also avoid shirts too baggy. Shirts that are too loose can be unflattering. Go for shirts that are fitted to your shape.
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    Wear scarves. Draping a scarf around your neck is not only stylish and warm, but can also help diminish the size of your breasts. Try pairing it with a jacket or cardigan or jersey knit t-shirt.

Method 2
Physically Reducing the Size of Your Breasts

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    Lose weight. Breasts are made of fat tissue. Following a plan to lose body weight overall can successfully reduce the fat tissue in your body, helping to reduce the size of your bust. Many women even see a lot of initial fat reduction in their breast area.[12]
    • Adopt a cardio routine. Exercises like walking, cycling, or doing the elliptical machine are great for boosting metabolism and burning fat. Dancing, swimming, and kickboxing are other good cardio ideas. If it is comfortable to do so, try running and jogging. Just go for something that will get your heart rate up and get you moving.
    • Shoot for a minimum of 45 minutes 5-6 days a week.[13]
    • Make sure to wear a correctly fitted sports bra when doing cardio exercises to protect your breasts.
    • If you follow a regular exercise and diet plan and don't lose any weight in your breasts, you might have dense tissue instead of fatty tissue. Dense breast tissue cannot be burned off through diet and exercise.[14]
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    Eat a healthy, lower calorie diet. To help your weight loss and fat burning, make sure to eat a healthy, fat-burning diet. Foods good for burning fat are whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and lots of water.[15]
    • Don't crash diet. Cutting calories too drastically slows metabolism, which can negatively impact your hard work. Shoot for at least 1200 calories a day, and remember to replenish your energy stores after working out.
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    Do strength training exercises. Adding in muscle building exercises will help to tone and build chest muscles. These strength training exercises won't melt fat away in your chest area, but combined with cardio and a healthy eating plan, they will help you tone your chest area.
    • Try the following exercises: push ups, pull-ups, dips, pectoral flies, bench press, and upright rows.
    • Strengthening your chest, back, and shoulders can help you if you have upper back pain, neck pain, stress on your shoulders, or poor posture due to your breasts.[16]
    • These exercises should be done 2-3 times a week. Start with 8-10 reps and increase from there. To tone, you want to use lighter weights and do a higher amount of repetitions. More weight with less reps will build bulkier muscle.[17]
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    Bind your breasts. Binding your breasts is helpful is you need to limit their movement, are dressing as a man, or otherwise need to flatten your chest. Chest binders safely flatten your breasts and can be purchased online and at certain retailers.
    • Never use ace bandages or duct tape to bind your breasts. They can cause serious side effects, like broken ribs and fluid build up.[18]
    • Always wear a binder that fits you. Never buy a binder that is too small to try to flatten your breasts more. That can also lead to serious side effects.
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    Get a breast reduction. Breast reduction surgery removes fat, tissue, and skin to reduce the size of breasts to a size more comfortable or aesthetically pleasing to the patient.[19] This procedure can be expensive and may be drastic for some women. If you are interested in breast reduction surgery, schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon.


  • Don't be ashamed of your figure. Be proud of your body no matter your shape or bust size.
  • Have good posture and look confident.

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