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How to Make Money Selling Photos Online

Whether you love taking photographs or you enjoy drawing and editing images via Photoshop or illustrator then Making Money Selling Photos is the right one for you. Before, only professionals and people with connections to their clients were able to sell photos and images. But with the help of the internet, specifically microstock and macrostock agencies, almost everyone can sell photos and images as long as they meet the quality standards set by your online stock-photo agencies.


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    Make sure you have copyright sale rights for any work you alter, copy or sell.
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    Choose among stock photo agencies where you want to sell your photos. For starters, you may choose, and However, if you are a professional photographer, you can choose to go with Getty Images or Corbis.
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    Once you have selected an agency, you may register for an account. Registration with the agency that you choose is usually free.
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    Before uploading any photos, understand their requirements. Dreamstime requires a minimum of 3 Mega Pixels in terms of size. They also prefer photos or images that portray well defined commercial concepts, good marketable compositions with creative insight, high technical level in terms of color, definition and lighting. They highlight the generic essence of the image. In other words, some pictures rejected by Dreamstime might be accepted by others and become saleable to other stock photo agency.
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    Since there are chances that your photos might be rejected by your first agency, be sure to register for another account to another agency other than Dreamstime such as, shutterstock, or
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    Once your photos got accepted, they are ready for sale.
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    Because there are thousands of photos for sale on the Internet, you may need to promote your photos. For instance, if you have photos rejected by your selected agency, you may register to, and upload your rejected photos to distribute them for free. This is the same as giving free sample to your products before your customers purchase them. In addition, giving free photos also serve as a means of promotion. You may create a profile to and provide a link back to your photos for sale.


  • Always check the "getting started" sections and FAQ before you register
  • If you want to earn more, choose stock photo agencies that set higher pricing to their photos such as Getty Images, Corbis, and But chances are they might be stricter in terms of accepting photos and higher likelihood that your photos might get rejected unless you are a professional photographer


  • Some agencies like dreamstime offers bonuses if you exclusively sell your photos to them. Understand the terms and conditions regarding exclusivity before choosing such option.
  • Make sure that you own the rights to, or that you have permission to use commercially, the photos and images that you upload to stock photo agencies to avoid copyright infringement. There are differing levels of copyright. Some will allow copy and distribution, but not sale or commercial use or the photos. If the notice says "Some Rights Reserved" it is up to you to research what is and is not allowed. Look into Creative Commons[1] for one of the best primers on what makes copyright, the many forms of rights and how they differ.

Things You'll Need

  • Professional digital cameras such as Digital SLR cameras
  • Computer, or a tablet with internet connection
  • Adobe Photoshop (optional but recommended)
  • Adobe Illustrator --if you want to create your own images other than photos (optional but recommended)

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