wikiHow to Make Money Selling Your Own eBook

Many marketeers just give away ebooks willy-nilly from their sites. By adding a bit of scientific thought, and a more targeted approach, these instructions can dramatically improve your cash flow.


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    Allow other e-zine publishers or web site owners to republish small nuggets or excerpts of information from your ebook with your byline or ad included.
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    Make extra profits from selling monthly updates of your ebook. You could also back-end sell the extra, never released chapters of your e-book.
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    Give away a free ebook and then give people an option of buying the paid version of the ebook. Also, let others give away the free version of your ebook.
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    Divide your ebook content into reports, then give people the option of just purchasing the info they want.
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    Purchase reprint rights to other people's ebooks and combine them with yours in a large package deal or private ebook library web site.
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    Change the benefits on your ebook ad copy into links. When people click on it, take them right to the order page. It'll give them the urge to buy your ebook.
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    Charge people a cheap price to read half of your ebook. If they like it, they can pay full price to read the other half.
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    Offer freebies that are related to the ebook you're selling. It could be free monthly ebook updates, free e-zine, free consulting, etc.
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    Show your prospects a sample page out of your ebook. Just black out some of the important info. This will make your prospects curious to buy.
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    Provide a low and high priced version of your ebook. Show benefits of each version side by side. People usually spend a little more for extra info.
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    Offer the reprint rights to your ebook. You can sell the rights with the regular purchase price or as a separate higher price.
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    Make your ebook available for offline people. You could turn it into a print book, report, video, audio book, print newsletter, etc.
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    Redesign your ebook for specific niches. You can create multiple profits with very little work. Ex: Turn a business ebook into a craft business ebook.
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    Give your prospects discount coupons on other products when they purchase your ebook. It could be your products or others that you made deals with.
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    Divide your ebook into online newsletter issues. You could charge a recurring monthly subscription for people to view each issue.


  • Learn from those who are already successful. Also learn how to market correctly and professionally.


  • Beware of those that might steal your ideas if they are original. Also you must be aware not to spend lots of money on advertising on initial start up. You should constantly test and alter, test and alter.

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