How to Make Money With Articles

If you write and submit articles on the Internet, you need to make sure you are getting the most money out of each article. Here are the different ways to make money with articles.


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    Promote your website. Add your author bio at the end of each article with a short ad for your products or services and a link to your website. People who like your article and click on your link will be more ready to buy from you than a cold prospect.
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    Promote affiliate products. You can promote affiliate products in your author bio, and make commissions on all the sales you refer. Just register a domain name (so your link at the end of the article looks professional), and redirect it to your affiliate link.
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    Build content sites with Adsense. Use your articles to build content websites packed with useful information. Content websites are likely to get lots of free traffic from search engines. Place the Google Adsense advertisements on your pages, and get paid for each click.
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    Start a blog. Start publishing a blog. Search engines love blogs because they are regularly updated with fresh content. Blogs tend to get a lot of traffic from search engines. Break-up your articles into smaller chunks and turn them into blog entries.
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    Start a mailing list.Collect your website visitors names and e-mail addresses and ask them to sign up for your newsletter. Regularly e-mail your articles to your newsletter subscribers, along with promotions for your website.
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    Build information products. When you accumulate enough articles, compile them into an e-book. Turn your articles into book chapters. Change a few things here and there, and you will have a new information product to sell.
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    Take advantage of viral marketing. Instead of selling the e-book that you made from your articles, add promotional copy to your e-book along with links to your website and affiliate links, and give it away. It will spread around the Internet like a virus, advertising your products and services and putting more money in your pocket.


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