How to Make More Money from Your Event

While selling tickets to your event can be great way to cover expenses and make money, if you want to make serious profit you need to generate income from multiple sources. To help get you thinking, here are ways to help you make more money from your events.


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    Look for sponsorships. Sponsorships are a great way to cover all event expenses and bring in additional revenue. The key to securing sponsors is to make each of your sponsorship packages value packed. Try to include as many tangible benefits as possible besides “brand awareness” that is hard to measure.
    • At the same time don’t make too many promises, particularly ones you don’t know for certain that you can deliver on as this will impact your credibility and professionalism as well as result in unhappy sponsors.
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    Sell advertising. If you have a large database, good website traffic, a strong social media following and/or a large amount of attendees you may also be able to sell advertising as well.
    • You could display banners on your website, newsletter and event invitation, have sponsored posts on your blog, do social media shout outs, have special offers from businesses in bags for attendees, advertising on the event PowerPoint or even banner displays all for individual or packaged prices.
    • Just be mindful that your advertisers don’t get more or equal benefits as your sponsors for less money.
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    Sell VIP tickets. Another way to make extra money at your event is to sell VIP tickets that cost more but give people a more memorable experience. It could be a backstage pass to meet everyone involved, sitting at a table with speakers and celebrities, attending additional sponsor and organiser events, complimentary or autographed merchandise or other value-packed benefits that would motivate attendees to upgrade to a VIP ticket.
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    Sell merchandise. Whether it is your own products or services or those of your speakers and affiliates, selling merchandise can be a great way to increase your event profits. To ensure higher sales make sure the products and services you sell are highly relevant to your audience and a natural add on to your event topic. Also remember to make it easy for attendees to buy them at the event.
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    Have exhibitors. Depending on the type of event you are running you could also sell exhibitor spots, allowing businesses and individuals to purchase a stand or table to showcase their business, products or services to all those in attendance. Attendees can then look around at their leisure before the event, during breaks or after the event.
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    Do market research. If you have a targeted and specific audience coming to your event you may have an opportunity to do some market research for interested businesses. A lot of businesses will pay good money for market research on what their target market thinks about their industry, business, products and services.
    • It could be as simple as asking a few questions on your registration form to holding a more detailed focused group, whatever you decide you just need to make sure there is value in your attendees participating. The value could be in free products, discounts or additional insight into into how the business in question operates if you were to do it as a case study.
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    Run raffles or auctions. If you can organise for high quality prizes to be donated or sponsored you could also have the opportunity to make money through a raffle or an auction. You could even allocate a certain amount to the charity of your choice as an act of goodwill. For this to work best you need to let attendees know prior to the event that there is a raffle or auction so they can be prepared and have additional money on them.

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