How to Make Non Slip Socks

Puff Paint is a type of paint bought in the craft stores, and is used to decorate t-shirts and paintings on boards and great to also use in scrapbooking because it is dimensional. It puffs up instead of laying flat. With only a few ingredients you can easily make your own puff paint in the comfort of your own home.


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    Prepare the Puff Paint by pouring out white glue into a small plastic cups or containers. Mix in some shaving cream and blend.
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    Select the color of the food coloring that you want to use. Add that to the mixture and mix completely until it is all blended and creamy textured.
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    Place a piece of thin cardboard on the floor. Put one foot on top of it, and with a pencil trace first one foot then the other.
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    Take a scissor and cut around the tracing so that you have two foot shaped pieces.
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    Place each into the socks, creating a shoe-like effect on the bottom.
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    Dip the paint brush into the Puff Paint and, with a heavy amount of paint on the brush, paint the bottom of each sock. It should have a puffed up appearance.
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    Apply puff paint in any pattern you wish, either in lines across the bottom of the sock or painting the entire bottom of the sock. It is your choice.
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    Allow to dry. The painted sole will be uplifted and you will not slide when walking on any smooth floor.
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    Technique for Ready Made Puff Paint
      • Paint required design or area with desired colour of Puff Paint. (Colours can be mixed to make tones.)
      • Before it dries - Heat with heat gun & it will puff immediately.


  • Use the Puff Paint for other creative uses. Look around in the craft stores for more ideas.
  • Save the containers from the prepared chocolate pudding or jello bought in the grocery stores.
  • Allow to dry, and then you will see the dimension that this takes on any surface.
  • Create a wall painting with various different colors of paints. Combine using regular paints and on certain areas add the puff paint, to give dimension to the painting itself.

  • Buy ready made puff paint at any crafts store.


  • Like any other paints, make sure small children do not put it in their mouths.
  • Paint may wash out.

Things You'll Need

  • pair of socks
  • puff paint for fabric
  • a piece of cardboard from a box
  • white glue
  • food coloring, different colors
  • shaving cream, foamy
  • For Ready Made Paint
  • Puff Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Heat Gun/Hair-dryer

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