How to Make Plant Pots with Shot Glasses

Growing tiny plants in the home can be an enjoyable way to encourage the emergence of your latent green thumb. And by choosing to grow them in a shot glass, you can also show off a favorite shot glass collection just for kicks. Or, a group of plants in shot glasses can make an excellent gift idea for a beer and plant loving friend!


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    Wash the shot glasses. Whether freshly bought or used, soak the shot glass in a tub of steaming hot water and soap. Wash off the soap completely. Dry thoroughly before using.
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    Wipe the surfaces of the glass, both outside and inside.
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    Design the outside of the glass. This step is optional, especially as you might have purchased a shot glass that has a design or brand mark on it already. If you do choose to add a design, use glass suitable paint or markers to ensure that the design stays in place. Leave any design work to dry before proceeding to the next step.
    • Any design added should be simple. The addition of the decorations and plant risks overwhelming a complex design.
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    Add any decorations if you want. In the image shown, a ribbon band, bow and a chenille butterfly are added to great effect. Use non-toxic glue when gluing on decorations, to prevent any harm to the plant.
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    Allow the decorating medium to dry if necessary.
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    Add quality potting soil and seeds (or plant) and water. Choose the plant wisely. It needs to be a plant that can tolerate slightly waterlogged soil as there is no drainage hole and it needs to be a plant that will tolerate the small growing space. (See "Tips" for a drainage hole suggestion.)
    • This idea works best with succulent plants and cacti as they can tolerate a small, drier growing environment, appreciate misting and won't be hassled out when you transplant them.
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    Care for the plant. Only mist the plant, to prevent over-watering; the frequency of watering depends on the plant you've chosen. If the plant outgrows the shot glass, transplant it to an appropriate pot and start again.


  • If you know how to cut glass and have the appropriate tools, you can make a hole in the bottom of the glass, for drainage. The shot glass should then be placed on a saucer or similar for catching the water that runs through.
  • Use only tiny plants, not big ones like sunflowers.


  • Any paint or decorative element on the glass may run, smudge off or stain surfaces. It might be good to test for the waterproof nature of the plant. Always place the shot glasses on a saucer or similar item to catch drips and to prevent staining of surfaces.

Things You'll Need

  • Shot glasses
  • Paint, markers, glass paint, etc. (for coloring or designs)
  • Decorations (such as glitter, ribbon, chenille, pom poms, etc.)

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