How to Make Rip Away Pants

For years, actors, exotic dancers, comedians, and athletes (think Adidas snap-off warm-up pants) have all used Rip Away clothing. Whether you need to change costumes quickly between acts in a play, or if removing your clothes IS the entertainment, taking clothes off quickly is easy once you have made the Rip Away alterations.


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    Find or buy a pair of pants that you don't mind cutting, or that you would like to be able to remove quickly.
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    Cut the threaded seam along the outside of each leg. This can be done with a razor blade, sewing scissors, or a seam cutting tool.
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    Cut the waist-band at the top of each seam, and cuffs at the bottoms of the legs.
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    Apply permanent adhesive Velcro dots to the seams where the threading used to be.
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  • You do not need to cut the inseam!
  • Let the adhesive dry for an hour before attempting to rip away the pants.
  • Using a snap on the waist-band will allow the pants to move more easily because the snap can swivel where the Velcro cannot.
  • Increase the number of Velcro dots or patches close to joints such as the knees. When you walk, small gaps will open next to moving joints--people will know your pants are Rip Away.


  • Be careful when working with sharp tools!

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp tool (razor, scissors, seam cutter)
  • Velcro dots or patches with permanent adhesive
  • Pants

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