How to Make Sugar Paste More Pliable

Sugar paste is a useful addition to the baker's repertoire of baking helpers. However, sometimes it isn't as soft or bendable as you'd like and needs a little help to make it work better for you.


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    Knead the sugar paste. Before trying to add anything, give the sugar paste a good knead. It may be all that is needed.
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    If the kneading doesn't work out, try adding a tiny bit of vegetable fat. Use white vegetable fat, as this will match the color of the sugar paste. As with any cooking, add only a very small amount first; you can always increase but not reduce additions.
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    If the kneading and the little addition of vegetable fat hasn't helped, get your dough hook into action. Add the paste to the bowl and let the dough hook process it briefly.
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    When rolling sugar paste out, run a palette knife under it every few rolls to help stop it from sticking. It can even stick to a dusted surface, so use this trick often.
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    Always leave extra room when covering a cake. Aim to have more sugar paste than the cake size when covering the cake. This means that you will have room for error, as extra length can be trimmed off.


  • Keep a small pin handy when adding sugar paste; it can be used to pop air bubbles that might occur while decorating.
  • Sugar paste should be stored at room temperature and not in the refrigerator (the refrigerator will harden it, including when on a cake or cookies/biscuits). Store in an airtight container or in plastic bags.
  • When kneading sugar paste, it helps to dust your hand with confectioners sugar/icing sugar to avoid the sugar paste sticking to your hands.

Things You'll Need

  • White vegetable fat
  • Food processor with dough hook
  • Palette knife

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