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Vegan desserts do not receive enough credit for how delicious and satisfying they can be. Following these recipes, desserts ranging from puddings to cakes to ice cream can be made completely without the addition of dairy products.

Method 1
Vegan Cake

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    Make Cinnamon Banana Blueberry Vegan Cake: A delicious medley of spice and fruit bring together a tasty, light cake.
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    Make a Vegan Moist Orange Cake: An easy dessert for vegan bakers with a citrus craving. Orange juice is used instead of milk to provide a creamy yet zesty taste to the cake.
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    Make Vegan Mint Chocolate Cake. This recipe uses the spice of the mint to flavor the delicious batter, creating a vegan dessert that is both easy and quick to make. It's perfect for more formal occasions or for a light summer refreshment.
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    Make Vegan Pear Cake. This is another delicious recipe that uses pears to not only provide delicious flavoring but also add moisture and thickness to the batter.
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    Make Vegan Cheesecake. This is a wonderful dairy-free recipe that you can prepare as a stand-alone dish, or as a base for a fruity cheesecake or a richer version topped with nuts and chocolate sauce.
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    Make an Apricot and Walnut Cake. It uses the subtle nutty flavor of the walnuts and the rich texture of the apricot to combine into a wonderful combination of flavors.
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    Make Vegan Tangerine Fudge Brownie Cake. The sweet tangerine flavoring adds another dimension to the rich fudge, developing a creamy and sweet taste.
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    Make Vegan Carrot Cake. This is a dairy-free version of the traditional dessert that incorporates soy milk and egg replacer instead of animal products.

Method 2
Vegan Cupcakes and Muffins

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    Make Vegan Cupcakes: the perfect way to make a party festive or just have some fun while baking. This recipe uses soymilk instead of regular milk, making it not only vegan but also creamy and delicious. Add fruit like blueberries, strawberry sauce or banana puree for a more unique taste, or alternatively, add flavored frosting.
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    Make Vegan Champagne Cupcakes: simple, vegan ingredients like flour and sugar in addition to champagne to make cupcakes that are surprisingly low-calorie. The bubbling champagne adds a light, fluffy texture to the cupcakes, providing a delicious treat!
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    Make Vegan Banana Muffins: made from ripe bananas and contain healthy ingredients like flaxseed and pecan. The fruit and nuts incorporated in the ingredients make this banana recipe the perfect way to start the day, with optimum levels of nutrients.
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    Make Vegan Chocolate Walnut Muffins: another moist, tasty treat with plenty of antioxidants and protein. These muffins have heart-healthy walnuts inside and also do not have fattening dairy product ingredients like butter and milk, making them tasty and healthy alternatives to traditional muffins.

Method 3
Vegan Puddings and Mousses

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    Make Vanilla Vegan Pudding: achieves the texture of classic pudding by using lots of soy milk. Soy milk, which has high concentrations of protein and healthy fats, makes this pudding recipe a healthy and delicious vegan alternative.
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    Make Vegan Chocolate Pudding: a delicious treat filled with creamy cocoa and fortified with soft, pudding-like tofu. The recipe uses no butter or milk, but still manages to look and taste even better than regular chocolate pudding.
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    Make Vegan Chocolate Mousse: similar to vegan chocolate pudding but has a fluffier and more whipped texture. This mousse also uses tofu for the perfect texture, combined with rich, creamy chocolate. The recipe is simple, easy,and tasty to make in 15 to 20 minutes.

Method 4
Vegan Ice Cream

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    Make Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream: uses ingredients like blended tofu and soy milk to form a wonderful, delicious combination. Although the chocolate ice cream does not contain many traditional ingredients typical of this dessert, the taste is surprisingly authentic.
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    Make Cookies and Cream Vegan Ice Cream: delivers a delicious chocolatey taste, complete with a cookie flavor that requires absolutely no dairy products to create. Instead, almond extract and soy milk help to make this dessert a winner.
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    Make Vegan Chocolate Sorbet: healthier than traditional ice cream because it naturally uses less fattening ingredients. In fact, this recipe is so simple it only requires water, cocoa and oil. The end taste, however, is both refreshing and rich.
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    Make a Vegan Milkshake: creamy and delicious, using surprising ingredients like blended avocado and almond milk to create a strikingly smooth and chocolatey taste and texture. This milkshake is also incredibly easy to make, requiring only a blender.
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    Make Strawberry Sorbet: a fresh, tangy treat that is perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day. The sorbet is made only from fresh, nondairy ingredients like strawberry and ice, making it nutritious and easy to make.

Method 5
Vegan Cookies

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    Make Gluten Free Vegan Cookies: can also be made gluten free, which means in addition to having no dairy products, there are also no wheat products inside. The result is a cookie that is both even more healthy and more delicious.
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    Make Vegan Snickerdoodles: a sugary, sweet and delicious treat that require no eggs or milk. This recipe uses vegan butter and egg replacer as substitutes for dairy ingredients, maintaining the texture and flavor of the traditional snickerdoodle but making the recipe completely vegan!
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    Make Chocolate Chip Cookies: an excellent chocolatey taste that is moist and sugary. The recipe calls for egg replacer instead of traditional egg, making the cookies taste like the real thing.

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