How to Make Your Very Own "Circle" from "That 70's Show"

Ever seen That 70's show? Don't you just love the funny conversations they have in "the circle"? Ever wanted to make your very own "circle"? Read on!


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    Get a couple close friends. You need four to have a real circle.
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    Have quiet places to make your circle at. When you're chilling after school and are waiting for something, get in the circle and have some funny thoughts. But not when a teacher's in there!
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    Always have a signature place to have the circle in. For example, in "That 70's show" they have it in the basement, usually. Start your circle somewhere that all your friends share, if you don't have a free basement or anything like that, use one of your rooms if you have to.
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    Let everyone talk. The circle is really fun because everyone has an opinion on some strange topic. The best part about That 70's show circles as that the camera turns in a circle to each person and shows them voicing their opinion or saying something totally off topic.
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    Try not to tell everyone about "The Circle". If you notice, in "That 70's Show", they rarely talk about the circle unless they are in it, if they do talk about it, it isn't to anyone but the main characters (Donna, Fez, Eric, Kelso, Jackie, and Hyde.) It's an inside thing that they had been doing since about... seven years old. It should only be between you and your 3-5 friends.
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    You each should have a particular place you sit each time you have the circle. Example? Hyde sits in the single chair with his back facing the freezer and the washer and dryer. Kelso sits in the middle of the three seat couch alone with his back facing the stairs. Eric has his back to the wall that is the same direction the door is. Then Fez is depicted as if he is where he would probably be in front of the TV. Only a couple of times do you see these four people change where they usually sit.


  • Don't let anybody walk in and join on the circle. It's made for you 3-5.
  • Make sure everyone knows the "drill." when you say, "Let's get in the circle!" everyone should start getting up and moving to their place or if they are in a strange location they should start moving their chairs.
  • This is best to do at sleepovers, rainy days in with your friends, or... hey, you could do this on the bus!
  • Let your imagination run wild in the circle. Anybody in the circle who judges you for what you say while in the circle shouldn't be in the circle.


  • On That 70's Show, the characters traditionally use marijuana when in the circle. It is your choice to use marijuana during the circle, there isn't anything to unhealthy about marijuana. But it is illegal in some places, please, don't do it if it's illegal where you are. You can get in big trouble if you have a large amount of it. It is your choice, though.

Things You'll Need

  • Trustworthy friends.
  • A good, aloof, not-very-popular place.

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