How to Match Hangers to Clothing

Choosing the right hangers for clothing is important as this will impact on how well your clothes will keep their shape and store well. This article suggests the ways in which to match hangers with the clothes.


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    Choose light wooden or cloth covered hangers for dresses and shirts. The hanger can be padded to help keep a garment on if needed.
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    Select heavy and strong wooden hangers with a smooth shape for coats and other heavy garments. Overcoats, tailored jackets, winter coats and hiking jackets all do best with heavy, solid wooden hangers.
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    Use skirt hangers for skirts and trousers. These are the types of hangers with clip hooks. You can simply hook the base of trousers or the waist of skirts under these hooks and hang straight. Avoid hanging skirts over the middle bar of a hanger as they will develop a crease. If you don't have ready access to a skirt hanger, make your own quickly by using pegs or clothespins and clip these over the bar of the hanger.
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    Use a tie hanger for ties.
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    Use a belt hanger for belts. A simple one can be made using a row of pegs or clothespins across the bar of an ordinary hanger.
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    Fold sweaters and jumpers rather than hanging them. They will be stretched out of shape if left to hang for any length of time.
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  • Avoid wire hangers for all but the lightest of clothing, such as shirts. Shirts should be buttoned up when hanging; this helps to prevent creasing.
  • Hang suede garments inside out to avoid having the suede rub onto other clothes.
  • Hang black clothing inside out; this way it will not pick up fluff from other clothes around it.
  • To spare the expense of getting a padded hanger, attach unwanted shoulder pads around a slim wooden hanger, one at each end. This creates instant padded hangers, suitable for your delicate items and will stop the shoulder straps from stretching.

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