How to Match Spotted Clothes with Other Clothes

When you feel like donning some spotted clothes to wear with your next look, here are some easy steps to follow. This goes for spots (or polka dots) of various sizes and colours for all types of outfits, whether formal, casual or somewhere in-between. As long as you know the tips for good matching, you can look fabulous when you next wear those spots.


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    Treat spots as the standout piece. So, whether it's a shirt, skirt, tie, dress or pants, don't clash spots. Instead, stick to simple pieces of clothing to go with the spotted piece. To play it safe, your other clothing can be the same colour as one of the colours in the spotted clothing. The key is to stick to one main colour for your other clothes. Of course, spots also go well with staple pieces, such as black, white or navy counterparts.
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    Know what look you are going for when wearing spots. Generally, smaller dots create a more formal or refined appearance, whereas larger dots stand out more. If going for the more formal look, then match your spotted clothing with other more formal clothes.
    • For example, a navy and cream blouse with smaller dots may pair well with cream or navy tailored work pants.
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    Choose shoes. When adding shoes to your look, it's great to step it up a bit. Whilst you'll still want to stick to having one main colour (this is not the time to bring out your funky coloured and patterned shoes), you can jazz up the look instead by wearing more formal shoes.
    • For the ladies choose a pair of heels, once again in a staple colour, or one matching the dots. For a more casual feel, flats go great in various settings.
    • For the men, wear some tan-coloured casual shoes, or work shoes in black or navy.
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    Select suitable accessories. Belts, hats and jewelery can all go well with spotted items:
    • Any belts should be one colour i.e. black or blue or white or tan or red.
    • Jewellery should stick to the one colour policy, although it can look great if it's circular (round/dot earrings).
      • Silver and gold can also look great; wear pieces that are simple, timeless and beautiful.
      • Pearls can look fabulous. If you wear pearls, don't combine with other jewellery types.
    • Hats: If you want to pull off a beachy vibe, then straw or tan coloured hats always match with dots. For this look, you may want to brighten up the outfit a bit and you can even make it contrasting; for example, if your outfit is navy and white, wearing a crimson hat can liven up the look.


  • Don't wear clashing patterns. The spotted article is your standout piece.
  • Do wear contrasting colours, such as blue, white and red.
  • Make sure you keep the other articles simple but elegant.
  • Small dots are best for a more refined, formal look. Large dots are a more standout, playful look.


  • The results of this advice will vary depending on the exact article of spotted clothing you are wearing.

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