How to Motivate Yourself to Dance First Thing in the Morning

Whether you're a dancer, a drama student, a school student, a home exerciser, or anyone else needing to dance in the morning, finding motivation to get moving can sometimes be hard. On those cold, misty, gray mornings, you might feel like remaining in bed but whatever the cause of your lethargy, a dance might be just the thing to help snap you out of that demotivated spirit!


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    Stretch. Since you have no alternative but to stretch before dance anyway, this is an important opportunity to warm up your mind as well. Rather than concentrating on the feeling that you don't want to dance, think about the muscles as they stretch, focus on the feelings that run through your stretching body, and imagine a cat unfurling first thing in the morning. If any stray thoughts pop into your head, banish them and return to focusing on the stretching as the important activity right now. After, you will feel much calmer and more open to doing what is expected of you.
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    Keep warm. If you're waiting around freezing, your motivation will be at rock bottom. Wear something warm, have a warm drink, and use the stretching to warm you up as well. Keep away from breezes or cold areas of the room.
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    Don't overheat. Equally, avoid getting too hot or you will be drained of energy. Drink plenty of fluids and stand near an open window to ease the heat.
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    Wear comfortable clothing. If you're not dressed properly in good fitting clothing, you will feel both uncomfortable and unmotivated. If your dance clothing needs updating or mending, see to it immediately.
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    Talk with other dancers. Give each other a pep talk about the upcoming dance practice and encourage one another. If you want to be distracted from the dancing, talk about other things for a short time prior to dancing.
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    Concentrate on something else. If you need to be distracted from a hard rehearsal, try reading a novel, listening to your iPod, or knitting, etc. Having a distracting item can help ease any anxiety that you might be experiencing.
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    Repeat positive affirmations to yourself. Keep telling yourself that you want to dance, that you want to dance well, and that the time will fly by.


  • Bring your laptop or cell phone if you're worried about studies, work, or keeping in touch with people while at dance. You can check these during breaks or waiting times. Be sure to keep them secure, however; only bring a laptop if you're sure it will be safe.
  • Bring snacks if the dance practice or rehearsal will be long; this will sustain your energy.
  • If You got Free Time than practice or when you go through the City do little Pops with your fingers to train your Power in your Hands and Arms. This You can do almost everywhere.

Things You'll Need

  • Appropriate dance clothing and shoes
  • Warm clothing for cold weather (e.g., crossovers to keep warm while waiting)
  • Something to read or distract you while waiting

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