How to Move in Effectively for a Kiss

This article should help all you guys out there move in for a kiss effectively. When used properly, this method even works on the first date.


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    Choose a place that is secluded and romantic. The best place most of the time is one of the participants' houses, at the beach (preferably sunset) or in the cinema. Put in a movie or start watching television, or choose something that is conducive to inactive participation. Make sure that the girl sits down first. Then sit next to her close enough that your thighs are lightly touching but not so much as to cause an uncomfortable situation for the lady.
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    Slowly put your arm around her gently, barely touching her shoulders just so she can barely feel your arm.
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    Adjust yourself and get your arm closer and closer becoming more and more apparent that you have your arm around her. Be sure to be very sensitive to body language and her feelings. Soon if she wants to continue escalating the physical contact, which she usually does, she will lean forward slightly.
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    Slide your arm down to the point that it is around her neck. If she settles into your arm, then it is likely that she wanted you to do this. If it becomes awkward, she probably did not want you to do this.
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    Begin to slowly stroke the peak of her shoulder very softly. If she shrugs your hand, this is a hint that she doesn't want you to do this.
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    Continue stroking her shoulder and gently and slowly move it up to her neck and rub her neck very gently. Continue moving your hand, and eventually make your way up to her ears, stroke them so gingerly as they are a very erogenous area if you touch them correctly.
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    Keep stroking the ears. When you think you are ready and she is ready, gently trace your finger along her jaw-line. Then, gently, ever so gently, turn her head towards you and lean in close. While her head is turning and when she gets around to face you, look at her eyes. Go 90% of the way in and let her come in 10%.


  • If anything goes wrong or she doesn't want to escalate, cease operations immediately.
  • Do everything with the utmost gentleness.
  • Leaning in and giving her peck on the cheek before coming in for the real kiss can also turn her on.
  • Try to know her feelings as you move in for the kiss.
  • Sometimes, she doesn't want to on the first date, so it may take some time.
  • Make sure that no one will barge in and ruin the moment, e.g., parents, younger siblings, friends.
  • Take your time, remember she may not be ready on the first date!


  • For the girl, resting your head on his shoulder once his arm is around you is a great way to suggest you want him to kiss you.
  • Fresh breath is not only highly recommended , but necessary, nobody wants to lock lips with someone with stinky breath. Brush your teeth at least twice daily, and carry after meal mints. Use them whenever you eat, even after something as small as movie theater popcorn.
  • If he or she pulls away just stop trying to kiss him or her.
  • The same concept can be applied to all aspects of personal cleanliness. Bathe, but not in cologne. One or two sprays or dabs go a very long way.
  • Watch for negative body language.
  • Be careful touching a girls ears if she has recently gotten any piercings, especially cartilage ones.

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