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How to Move on Without Him/Her

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We all have trouble getting over someone. Whether it be a bad break up, a friend leaving you for another social group or a break up you broke off, remember its not un achievable to feel happy after.


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    Realize they're gone and that they're not coming back. It's over, it's done, no matter how much you dream about it or try to fix it, it won't happen. This is bluntly said, but they're not thinking about you half as much as you are about them. Don't waste your perfectly good time.
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    Find someone to confide in. Find someone that knows or someone you can tell about your situation. It's better to have someone know about what you're going through rather then bottling it up, otherwise every memory you've had on them is only gonna build up. If you let someone know it definitely takes a lot of the baggage off.
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    Surround yourself with friends and family. When you're around people that care about you, not only does it take your mind off of the situation, but it helps you realize that there ARE people in your life that will stay with you and will love you unconditionally.
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    Take some extra activities or make a special day for yourself. Take the time to see what's in your community that you can participate in for awhile. It will keep your mind focused on something else rather then the person you're trying to get over. If you don't want to participate in any community activities, take it upon yourself to make a day for yourself. For example; going to the movies every other Friday or cleaning the house every other weekend. Whatever you like to do make it a regular activity for yourself, even take yoga lessons or hit the gym once in a while to blow of that extra steam.
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    Be optimistic. Seeing the brighter side of life will help you move on and will help you realize you are better off without them.
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    Let it out. Write an un-sendable letter to them expressing every feeling in your body, heart, and mind that made you feel how you did after they left you. Write whatever you want, be free and don't second think about trying to name any good things about them because they hurt you, remember that fact.
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    Confront them. This is OPTIONAL, but it WILL make you feel a lot better. Be civilized and tell them your side of the story. It doesn't matter what they say, they're not the one hurting. Once you tell them everything you needed to say and everything that came from your heart don't talk to them after that because its over.
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    Cut them off. They are no longer a part of your life so delete their phone number or any social networking you have of them added as a friend.
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    Meet someone else. Social networks are built for a reason. Not only to keep in touch with friends, but to meet people. When a door closes another one opens. Make it happen.
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    Forgive them. Whether it be in person, on an unsendable message, or just in your heart forgive them for what they did. We are all human we make mistakes and by forgiving them you show that you no longer need them in your life but yet you don't hate hate them for what they've done to you, because the past is the past. When you forgive them you ultimately prove that you are the bigger person and you have moved on.
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    Find yourself. After overcoming something so hard its natural to feel a little lost. Spend some time alone, read healthy books mentally or physically or even take a trip out of town. The farther you are away from the drama the easier it is to be yourself.

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  • If you guys have mutual friends that's OK. Don't cut them off it's not their fault it didn't work out.
  • Go to a concert. Let loose and get some good pictures in, while you're at it hang it up on the wall when you get home. It'll remind you what a great time you had without that person.
  • Find new interests or try something you finally wanted to try after a long time.
  • Be with family and friends every so often.
  • Take a road trip, whether its 25 miles (40 km) or 100 miles (160 km) getting as far as possible from the drama will make it seem like you're on the other side of the world.


  • Don't stalk them and send them hate mail, it's only gonna prove their point on why they left you in the first place.
  • Don't isolate yourself from the the world. Your world should not revolve around them. Get out, do somethings.
  • Don't make people pity you. If they feel sorry for you and want to help willingly fine, but don't pull the whole "woe as me" act or else you will push even more people away.
  • If you have thoughts of suicide again consult a doctor or close friend/family member ASAP.
  • Don't blow your situation out of proportion. Yes, they did hurt you, but you have to understand millions of people have the same problem, you're nothing special.
  • Don't hurt yourself in anyway. As much as this person is/was important to you they are not worth your physical pain. If you have urges talk to a doctor or a close friend/relative so they can help you.
  • Don't set out to make them jealous. It's normal to think that way, but don't go through with it. It won't end well from anyone and its definitely not being the bigger person.
  • Don't cling to people. People shouldn't mind hanging out with you, but don't suggest being with them every day and every hour. People have lives too.

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