How to Multi Snap

How to snap three times at once. With Both hands multi snapping it will give you six snaps in less than than a second. And about twelve snaps every full second. Challenge your friends to a snapping contest. I've gotten a lot of good comments from this little talent.


  1. Image titled SnapNormally Step 1
    First snap as you would normally. Notice you start with your middle finger on your thumb, and force your middle finger down hard to create this snapping noise. Your thumb should end up on your pointer finger.
  2. Image titled SnapFromLittleFinger Step 2
    Now it is time to start multi snapping. Start with your thumb on your pinky finger from this position force your pinky finger down as you push your thumb over.
  3. Image titled SnapFromRingFinger Step 3
    It will land on your ring finger, do this again and it will land on your middle finger, and finally on your pointer finger to end it.
  4. Image titled GoSlowAtFirst Step 4
    Try this set of finger moves slow at first, to see how it is all put together. Do this a few times to get the feel of it.
  5. Image titled NowTryFaster Step 5
    Now try it faster. In one move bring your thumb up to your pinky finger and execute your multi snap move.
  6. Image titled OtherHand Step 6
    Once you have it down, it is time for the other hand. It may actually be easier for some people to do it with their left hand, it all depends.
  7. Image titled StartWithLittleFinger Step 7
    Bring your thumb over to your pinky finger and force your fingers down and your thumb up. As it makes a multi snap, and lands on your pointer finger.
  8. Image titled ThreeSnaps Step 8
    Three snaps, pinky, middle, pointer. Snap with the right hand, then left. (Or left right) Right, left, right, left. As your right thumb lands on your pointer finger your left thumb should be on your pinky ready to go.
  9. Image titled UseBothHands Step 9
    Keep the pattern going, and eventually you can make up your own patterns and pauses in-between the snaps to make beats with your snaps. (right left right left right right)


  • Once you have it all down, really try making a few patterns and beats. It's a lot of fun. Just walking down the hall snapping to a cool little rhythm.
  • Don't multi snap for too long, or your hands will get very very tired. If they do, shake them out and rest them for a few minutes.
  • Don't try to position your thumb on your pinky finger and then snap. There will be slipping sliding and cramped fingers. In one move just bring the thumb up on to your pinky and on to the multi snap.

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