How to Ninja a Book Bag

Ninja-ing is a new form of odd prank, and is growing in popularity. It involves turning a victim's book bag inside out, and letting them find it that way.


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    Take the book bag. It is best to steal it during the lunch period or after school. Make sure they have it with them. When they are distracted from it, or walk away, move in quickly and take it. Tell the other people at the table that you are about to ninja the bag.
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    Take the bag into a secluded area, such as a bathroom stall or stairwell (don't let the bag fall into the toilet).
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    Take out all books and loose papers from the main compartment. Keep them in the same order they were in when you took them out.
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    Turn the bag inside out. Reach into the main compartment and grab the bottom. Pull upwards and out. Finish it out by turning all of the seams and zippers tight.
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    Place the books back in the bag.
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    Zip the bag up again. This may be difficult, as the zipper is on the inside. Grip the zipper with your thumb and index finger. Pull. Be careful not to get your finger pinched in the zipper.
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    Carry the bag back quickly and drop it in its original spot.


  • Do it quickly so that you can return the bag before the victim realizes it. With practice your speed will improve.
  • Never attempt to ninja a posture correcting bag.
  • It may not be necessary to empty any other compartments except the main one.
  • If the target leaves the area then have a look out
  • It is possible to ninja a book bag during class if the victim has left the room to use the bathroom, or for any other reason.
  • With practice, and maybe an accomplice or two, it is easy to ninja a book bag in less than a minute.
  • a great time to ninja a backpack is while watching a movie in class. The lights are off, they are focused on the movie, and there is ambient noise from the movie.
  • Its called "turtling" a bag in New England, and "shelling" a bag in New York.


  • Make sure there are no valuables that could be lost, stolen, or broken when ninja-ing a book bag.
  • Know the person, some people get very upset with people touching their stuff.

Things You'll Need

  • Accomplice(recommended)
  • Victim's book bag

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