How to Observe a UFO

You are driving alone when you spot a bizarre light or a strange flying object nearby. Following these tips, and using a handy camera, you can record the Unidentified Flying Object experience to share with others.


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    Find an area that can conceal you from direct observation by the alien craft.
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    Bring out the binoculars and note any and all details, such as insignia, lights, windows, etc., and occupants of the craft.
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    Use a Geiger counter, if available, to check area radiation readings. If possible, get a background reading at a nearby location to compare the two readings.
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    Note the size of the UFO by comparing it with surrounding objects. Was it bigger than a tree? Larger than a house? If a house is nearby how did the UFO compare in size to the structure?
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    Allegedly, the National Enquirer has offered $1 million bounty for anyone who obtains evidence of an authentic UFO, according to UFO author Nick Pope.


  • If you are serious about UFO hunting, and trying to record the experience, read the Mutual UFO Network's Investigator's manual. Use the information in your search for a possible UFO.
  • Get more witnesses if possible.
  • Do not try to seek contact with the alien occupants unless you are willing to risk an abduction.
  • Some famous UFO reports include the Phoenix, Arizona Lights, the Walton abduction case near Snowflake, Arizona; Betty Andreasson -Luca and the Allagash Abductions.
  • Contact a UFO and/or a paranormal investigator, but be aware that you will be thoroughly investigated to rule out a hoax. The investigation will also try to prove that is something mundane and not paranormal.
  • Observe the craft from a concealed position, one that may reduce your exposure to potential radiation.


  • Reporting a UFO experience may cause personal ridicule by others. Be cautious and make an informed decision before making a UFO report.
  • IF you smoke, use drugs, drink, quit doing that, since this will affect your credibility.

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