How to Open a Zip File

Two Methods:Opening Zip Files on Windows DevicesOpening Zip Files on Mac OS X Devices

Zip files are files that have been compressed so they can take up less storage space and also result in quicker transferring time when the files are moved to another location. Follow the instructions outlined in this article to learn how to open a zip file or folder on devices with Windows or Mac OS X operating systems.

Method 1
Opening Zip Files on Windows Devices

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    Navigate to the compressed folder on your computer or device in which your zip file resides.
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    Open the compressed folder.
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    Click on the zip file or folder you want opened, and drag the file or folder to a different location. For example, click and drag the zip file to your desktop.
    • If you want to open all your zip files at once, right-click on the folder, and select "Extract All." Windows will then unzip and open your files.
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    Navigate to the file in its new location, and open the file. The file will no longer be zipped.

Method 2
Opening Zip Files on Mac OS X Devices

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    Navigate to the zip file or folder on your Mac computer or device.
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    Open the file. Mac OS X will use Archive Utility to open the file immediately within the folder in which it resides.


  • When opening a zip file in Windows or Mac OS X, a compressed version of the file will remain behind in the zip folder. Delete any unwanted copies of compressed files from the zip folder to free up extra space on your computer or device.
  • Zip folders in Windows can be identified by images of zippers on top of the folder icons.


  • After you open a zip file from a password-protected folder in Windows, the zip file will no longer be protected.
  • In Windows, some zip files and folders may be protected by passwords. Be sure to obtain and enter the correct password when prompted to do so when opening protected zip files and folders.

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