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As the demand for gold jewelry increases by the day, manufacturers of good quality wholesale silver jewelry are gradually turning to gold jewelry production or closing business. It is now important that buyers and manufacturers of wholesale sterling silver jewelry understand each others concerns and problems. In this article we look at both sides and provide suggestions that would be helpful to both sides. Here are the most important questions that need to be answered when buying or making wholesale sterling silver jewelry.


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    Ask: Is the design provided by the buyer or does it belong to the manufacturer? This will have a direct impact on the final price quoted by the seller. There is an initial overhead to be borne for design and mould charges and this will be added to the price tag of the first piece. If the initial order for wholesale silver jewelry is a large one, this initial charge is spread over a large volume and therefore does not increase the price per piece significantly.
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    Ask: Why is the first piece priced high? One of the main reasons is explained in (a) above and involves the initial design and mould charge. Subsequent orders for the same design will use the same mould and therefore be sold at a lower price. In many cases the buyer, would first order a single piece, then place a wholesale order after receiving the first piece. In such a case the seller would have to protect himself from a situation where the buyer buys only the first piece from him and then looks for another seller to place the final order. The seller would thus like to recover all initial overheads from the first piece itself.
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    Ask: Why does the price fall as the volume increases? Large orders of wholesale silver jewelry provide the seller with the economies of scale. Production is much easier as the design and moulds can be reused to manufacture the jewelry. Craftsmen do the production of the same design . multiple times thus reducing the chances of breakages and other losses. In cases where the wholesale silver jewelry also includes gemstones or diamonds, the seller gets a better price when bulk purchases are made. All these factors combine to enable the seller provide a better price to the buyer as the volume of the order increases.
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    Ask: Are gemstone options limited? If you buy your wholesale silver jewelry from a seller who is also the manufacturer, there is no reason why the gemstone options should be limited. However, there is a price range within which, most buyers would like their silver jewelry to remain and this might influence the gemstone selected. Wholesale sterling silver jewelry made with gemstones like aquamarine, tourmaline, ruby and sapphire would be quite expensive and have a limited market.
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    Ask: Should silver jewelry be plated? Plating on silver can be done with rhodium, white gold, yellow gold and even platinum. Plated wholesale sterling silver jewelry will look awesome when new but the plating will wear off with time and the jewelry might look quite shabby. The plating wears off in patches and in many cases the jewelry becomes a piece of junk. All silver jewelry manufacturers will provide plating at a small additional charge.
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    Ask: Is the craftsmanship always bad? This need not necessarily be true but once again the market price point influences the decision. Wholesale 925 silver jewelry is produced by a mechanized process, however it is possible to provide good hand finishing in the final production phase and improve the quality of the jewelry. This adds to the price tag and is therefore avoided in most cases.
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    Ask: What are benefits of good metal weight? Wholesale silver jewelry is normally made with a low silver weight to save costs. This causes the jewelry to bend and twist at the smallest impact. The gemstones and diamonds will also be loosely mounted and could drop off at any time. A good silver weight on the other hand adds to the long term durability of the jewelry and the final consumer need not keep spending money for frequent repairs and modifications.
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    Ask: How big is a wholesale order? As the number of manufacturers for wholesale silver jewelry decreases, those remaining in business set higher volume requirements to confirm orders. This could pose a problem for buyers as they might be left with inventory of unsold stocks.
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    Remember that many buyers of sterling silver wholesale jewelry would like to make smaller lots of jewelry to test the market and large orders might not be suitable in such cases.
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    Ask: What is the minimum order quantity by design ? This answer depends of the factory principally, but an order can start from 10 to 15 pieces for the same design. This is the minimum acceptable. Under this quantity the price by piece is too high. I explain, one worker can produce 2 pieces of one design in 1-2 days (example) and this same worker can produce 25 pieces of this same design in just 5-6 days.

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