How to Organize a Filling Event for Bags of Love

Nine Parts:6-8 weeks before the event2-3 weeks before the eventOne week prior3-5 days prior1-2 days priorThe night beforeThe Day of the eventDuring the EventAfter the Event

Steps to organizing a successful "filling event" for the purpose of quickly filling and distributing bags to foster organizations for the "Bags of Love" organization.

Part 1
6-8 weeks before the event

  1. 1
    Plan. Create a time line and task list. You'll need number of bags to fill, number of volunteers, key volunteer assignments, a venue, tables, chairs, etc. (with rationale behind WHY each is needed and HOW MANY of each are needed.

Part 2
2-3 weeks before the event

  1. 1
    Take a weekly inventory and spread the word about how much of what items are needed. Needs to be repeated weekly in the 4 weeks leading up to the event.

Part 3
One week prior

  1. 1
    Take a "final" inventory and delegate specific shopping lists to individual volunteers.

Part 4
3-5 days prior

  1. 1
    Follow up with the shoppers to be certain everything got purchased and nail down volunteer drivers to take the bags to the Receiving Organization on the day of the event.

Part 5
1-2 days prior

  1. 1
    Take inventory again and sort out the donations by item and make any last minute purchases of additional items needed.

Part 6
The night before

  1. 1
    Set up the venue tables, chairs, white board, etc and photo copy the filling check lists for the volunteers to use as they fill a bag, set up signage.

Part 7
The Day of the event

  1. 1
    Survey the volunteers, introduce them to the filling process and assign groups to do the following key tasks:
    • Large Bag Fillers - check off age and gender at beginning of line before going down the row of tables to fill.
    • Bathroom bag fillers - Fill Gallon ziplock baggies by age and gender and label for easy grabbing by the large bag fillers.
    • End of line inspectors / coordinators who will choose the correct bathroom bag to put in each filled large bag.
    • End of line bag sorters/counters who will relay what is still needed to those at the beginning of the line so that we end up with a roughly equal number of bags for each age group and gender.
    • Persons to tidy up afterward, replace unused items in storage, breakdown tables, vacuum, etc. (best if chosen well in advance, but can be done the day of the event if need be)

Part 8
During the Event

  1. 1
    Circulate throughout the room, encouraging everyone, answering questions and following up on completion of tasks.

Part 9
After the Event

  1. 1
    Pack up unused items for storage.
  2. 2
    Breakdown tables/chairs and put away.
  3. 3
    Transport bags to receiving organization.
  4. 4
    Write thank you notes to each participant and donor.

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