How to Organize a Ski Week with Your College

If you love skiing, of fancy trying it for the first time and study in college but a ski week has never been organized by your student's office, you might consider organizing such an even yourself. If you go ahead with this idea, you'll need good planning skills and external support for the trip, as well as people willing to be part of the event.


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    Suggest the idea. Prepare some ideas to show your project at the student union or other relevant body able to authorize the idea. Seek to persuade them that it's a great idea and very doable.
    • For example, use slides with strong arguments, such as: "This ski trip will allow students to ski for the first time, or will allow the good skiers to improve their technique."
    • At this point, convincing those who have the authority to authorize the trip should be your top priority, and you'll need to acknowledge that a lot of work is involved but that you're prepared to lead this.
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    Select a date. As in all events, a date should have been selected by your student's office. Thus, you should make sure to ask the director of your college in order to select a date without many classes, in order to avoid problems with the teachers.
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    Select your location. Are you going to a nice ski resort? A cheap resort? Both? At this point, it would be a good idea to design and distribute a survey in your college. In this survey, write questions for which you don't know students' opinions yet, such as the price they are ready to spend for the ski trip. With the results, you can get a good idea of what kind of ski trip would be likely to satisfy all students.
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    Set a budget. This is the most important part of your project. After you have selected the ski resort, call bus companies, hotels and the chalet manager at the ski resort to get quotes for transportation, renting chalets and the lift pass. Maybe your college can pay for a part of your trip. The better that you prepare and present your project, providing sufficient details and thorough research, the more financing you can obtain. If your event is cheap, more students will sign up.
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    Sign up the participants. Once the college has authorized the trip and it's all tentatively arranged with the chalet and resort, decide how many places are available. Do not oversupply places, keep the group to a manageable size. Part of the draw will be the limited availability of places on the trip, which will encourage students to both sign up and pay early, enabling you to confirm everything well ahead of the trip. A group of six to ten would be very manageable for one person, while anything higher should involve you partnering with someone else to help to the organizing. Cap the amount of people going to the bus size, if you are planning on having a larger group attend. Any more than that and it starts to become very difficult to manage and it'll be hard to book accommodations, etc.
    • Ask for students to include dietary, medical, special needs and other information on the registration forms. This will help you to be able to tell the relevant persons that there are specific needs that must be catered for during the trip.
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    Confirm the amount of people coming with the relevant parties. Once you have received the registrations and payments, confirm the chalet/resort bookings, the bus bookings and any other relevant bookings.
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    Confirm the dates with all participants. Once everything is firmed up, send out emails to all participants with the details about the trip and accommodations. Include details on what things to bring, the time and place of pickup and return time and place, as well as anything else of relevance. Let people know that they can ask you questions, if they have any.
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    Set of on the trip together and have fun. A ski trip is a good opportunity to enjoy yourself with your friends, and meet new students. And at the end of your ski trip, don't forget to create videos of fail compilations to convince other students to go the next year.


  • Check with the college about insurance coverage for accidents, cancellations and illness. If you need to buy additional cover, do this early on. Do not neglect it. Also find out whether the college covers liability for accidents, etc.
  • It's a very good idea to organize this as a committee rather than as a lone individual. It's less work and the ideas will be likely to be more well-rounded, thus catering to the diversity likely to be found in the group going.
  • Prepare a back-up kit consisting of things people on your trip might need and might forget, such as sanitary ware, first aid items, extra hats and socks, etc.
  • If people are bringing their own ski gear, be sure that the bus can accommodate this. Also ask such persons to cover the insurance for damage to any such gear under their personal insurance; don't offer any coverage guarantees for these things.

Things You'll Need

  • An organizer (digital or paper) for keeping records, receipts, etc.
  • Details on resorts, chalets, buses, etc.
  • Meeting times with the relevant college authorities
  • Email account for the trip
  • Advertising materials
  • Registration forms
  • List of participants
  • Insurance and liability coverage

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