wikiHow to Organize a Surprise Party

A surprise birthday party will shock you at any age! They are a great gift itself and it's a whole lot of fun!


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    Keep it secret! Tell only invited guests and other needed people who will not let the guest of honor find out. One of the worst things to do before a surprise party is telling people. You can tell a few friends you trust so they can help you but no blabbermouths. Make sure when the person you are throwing the party for doesn't see any decorations beforehand. Keep it all top secret!
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    Plan a date to have the 'star of the party' come over to your house or wherever the party is! Make sure you keep the person as far away from the party location as possible until party time!
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    Do not set up any visible decorations! When the person shows up at the party you don't want balloons outside or a sign that says 'HONK, TODAY IS _____'S _TH BIRTHDAY!' Make sure you keep the shades shut when the guest arrives....and don't forget to hide!
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    Get some party supplies and decorations! What's a party without some balloons? Buy some balloons you can blow up yourself or get a whole bunch from the grocery store. Confetti is a must! Nothing better than having confetti thrown in your face as you walk inside your party! Also make sure you get enough banners, streamers, cake, punch/soda, ice cream. And make sure it's all according to color.
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    Get a guest list. What's a party without your friends or loved ones? Invite some people and in the invitations tell them to keep it a secret. Also if your guests are driving over to the party it wouldn't hurt to hide the cars or even walk over if you are close enough.
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    Think of games and favors. A party is no fun without some games and party favors. It really depends on who you are throwing the party for. If it's a child , have some small toys as favors and some fun games like pin the tail on the donkey, if its affordable it wouldn't hurt to get a clown. For a teen/adult party a great favor would be a gift card to a store or restaurant.
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    Don't forget the dance music!
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    Hide and be quiet, here comes your unsuspecting person! When they hit the door yell SURPRISE!


  • Hire another friend to take the person out of the house or away from where the party is being held. A good excuse is that you are taking the person birthday shopping.
  • Try not to ask the person too much. A few gift ideas are OK but don't start asking them about close friends names or anything.
  • You can ask your person for gift ideas but don't tip your hand about the party.
  • Don't have the party on the persons birthday. If you do you will have no show party guests calling the person to wish them a happy birthday and apologizing because they couldn't come. A good idea is to have the party a few days ahead.


  • If it is a party for the elderly make sure its low key and don't surprise them too much.
  • Make sure you are cautious about other guests food allergies (if any) you don't want your birthday girl/boy going to the hospital because there was a trace of something they are allergic to in the food.

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