How to Organize School Work

Many kids these days are not organized or pretend to be unorganized. One way or another they're forgetting to do their work or losing it, which is very preventable. All you have to do is try to get organized! There are many ways to do that. If you or your kids are unorganized, this is the article for you!


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    Buy a planner. Write down all the Schoolwork you have to do and then write the due date. That will be a little reminder. You can also write down when you want to study or the day of a test! Anything that you would like to remember about the school day. Some schools provide planners to students so in that case you will not need to buy one.
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    Make goals . Try dividing the long-term goals into short-term ones as it make your work easier ! Use diaries and planners to keep schedules . This is efficient not only for your school homework but also the extra-studies which you would like to do .

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    Buy a binder and folders! Color coordinate the folders by each subject (e.g.: Language Arts (red), Math (blue), and so on). Keep all the Schoolwork from each subject inside it's own folder so everything isn't so messy. You would also want to color coordinate notebooks, too. Another good thing is to buy a homework folder so you won't be taking all your folders home. It saves up space in your backpack. Keep all these things in your binder so you won't lose any of them in the hallway or at home.
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    Focus more in class and take notes. That will help you know when due dates and tests are. Plus, you'll be learning more by paying more attention. Remember, listen more than taking notes.
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    Right when you get home, start on your homework. You can have a little snack first, but that's it. Go to your planner and check all the homework you have due the next day. Do that first. Then, you can start a little work that you have to hand in later on after.
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    After that, put everything back in the right folder, close your binder, and put it in your backpack. That way nothing is lost.
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    After all of that, eat dinner, take a shower, and get a good night's rest!
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    Some websites are great alternatives for people who don't know how to organize themselves.


  • Always get a good night's sleep. That gives you energy for the next day.
  • Pay attention in class.
  • Write down all your work and due dates in your planner.
  • Work hard!
  • Try to have good handwriting so you and others can read it!
  • Keep everything color coordinated.
  • Take notes!
  • If you have trouble staying organized try different routines that will make it easier for you.
  • Have one spot for all of your school supplies, so that you will always know where it is.


  • Some cruel kids can tease you for being organized. Just ignore them. You're the one doing well in school who will end up a doctor or lawyer. That's all that matters.

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