How to Pack a Stylish Suitcase (Teen Girls)

When you're on vacation it can be hard to put outfits together without the help of your trusty wardrobe. However if you read on you will learn how to pack a suitcase that has the essentials in for a fun, fashionable trip!


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    Lay out ten of your favourite outfits on your bed. Be ruthless and make sure you can actually picture yourself using each piece of clothing. If you have any doubts put it back. Try to aim to re-wear things.
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    Take away anything un-practical, e.g if you're going to a cold place and you have chosen a mini skirt - put it back!
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    Put back anything that you can only wear once, e.g a dress that can't be worn with anything else.
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    Look at the items you have left. Do they need something else to go with them? If so get those out as well.
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    Get all your non-clothing items, like books, wash bag, etc. and set them aside.
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    Separate your clothes into two piles. For example: shorts and T-shirts.(Jumpers, coats and dresses would go in the t-shirt pile, and trousers would go in the shorts pile).
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    Take each piece of clothing separately and fold them as small as possible. Place into the bottom of the suitcase and repeat with all the others, being sure to place each pile on one side so you have trousers in one half and t-shirts in another.
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    Collect things like underwear and pajamas. Put the underwear in a separate pocket if there is one and place the pajamas on top.
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    Put all the non-clothing items on top.


  • Pack for the right weather and activities.
  • Before you go away make sure your clothes are all washed and ironed- you don't want to get to your destination and find your favorite tee has stains on it.
  • Taking a spare top and shorts in your hand luggage would not only mean you would have spares just in case your luggage got lost, but would save a bit of room in your suitcase for other things.
  • If you don't have enough room try standing the suitcase up and leaving it overnight. This should make the clothes settle down a bit.
  • Pack matching accessories.
  • Grab a notebook and pen before you start laying everything out. Draw two lines to split the page into three columns. On the left side write a list of all the things that you want to take, that you won't need before you go. On the right side write down things that you will need in the next few days or however long it is before you go, i.e you could have things like clothes that you still need, etc... In the middle write all the things that you want to take that aren't clothes.
  • Wear your bulkiest clothes on the journey.
  • Here is a list that might get you started:
    • A few t-shirts, long sleeved and short sleeved
    • A couple of dresses or evening wear, that can be re-worn
    • Some shorts, and trousers
    • A small packed raincoat (just in case)
    • A few sweaters and jumpers
    • Pajamas
    • Underwear (i.e knickers, socks, bras, vests (if its cold))
    • Shoes
    • Make up
    • Phone
    • Camera
    • Wash bag
      • These are just a few basic general ideas. Understand that different people will want to take different things so please don't stick to this list.


  • Try not to take anything that you really value and would hate to lose as if the inevitable happens, at least you won't lose it.
  • If you're travelling by plane make sure you don't exceed the amount of luggage that you are allowed.

Things You'll Need

  • Underwear
  • Clothes for going out
  • Basic t-shirts
  • Shorts (if hot)
  • Skirt
  • Accessories
  • Trousers
  • Jacket
  • Shoes
  • Hair and make-up products
  • Toiletries

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