How to Pack an Elementary School Lunch

Has your child ever complained about his/her lunch? Or is the cafeteria food expensive or unhealthy? This guide will teach you how to create yummy and healthy lunches that will satisfy your kid.


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    If you are deciding on switching to home made lunches, let your school principal or cafeteria manager know. They will be able to check if your child is throwing away their home made lunch and buying a lunch instead. In some cafeterias, they offer snack foods (junk foods) to go along with lunches. Let your cafeteria manager know if you would not like your child to be buying these supplemental snacks. Many of these are unhealthy foods such as chips, cookies, ice cream, soda, sugary juice, chocolate milk, and lots more unhealthy choices.
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    Know what your child likes. If they like Nilla Wafers, consider packing a serving along with their lunch. Consider packing only 1 unhealthy food a day, so your child has room left in his or her belly to finish his or her healthy foods. Your child will want to help out too. It can be fun to get to choose what you want in your lunch.
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    Try to pack a food from each food group a day. Those groups are meat, dairy, grain, vegetables, and fruits. You can make a sandwich that fits all of the food groups. That is a quick all in one way to do so. If your child dislikes sandwiches, you can put together side items. Make sure to put in one for each food category.
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    If you are packing cold foods, try an Ice Pack. They come in many different colors and sizes. Make sure you have one to keep your child's lunch safe and fresh so by the time they eat lunch, their food tastes crisp and cool.
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    Spruce up your child's lunch. You can do this by purchasing a lunch box and reusable containers. They look really cool at some stores. Make sure to go online first. Amazon has a wide variety of lunch boxes for kids. Buy a high quality lunch box that will last a while.
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    Pack a spoon and a napkin just in case your child makes a mess. Also, include a water bottle. It can be reusable or plastic.


  • Make sure your child has a drink so they do not have to get up to go to a water fountain, which at public schools aren't as sanitary.
  • If you do not include an ice pack, your child's lunch could spoil and become unhealthy.
  • Pack a dessert like a Oreo or some cookies to eat after it to get the broccoli taste away.
  • Remind your child not to accept food from friends or give away his food. Other children might trade for an unhealthy snack. This will give you assurance that your child is eating only what you packed.

Things You'll Need

  • Ice pack
  • Lunch box
  • Lunch containers
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Wide variety of foods

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