How to Pack an Organic School Lunch

Do you hate the gross, oily food that your school cafeteria serves? Read this article to learn how to pack your own organic, delicious lunch.


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    Get your kitchen workspace (or a countertop) ready. Make sure all the ingredients, utensils and lunchbox are washed, dried and within reach.
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    Cut up some organic vegetables, such as carrots, cucumbers, or celery, and put them in a small container. Or, chop some organic lettuce and put it in a medium container, with a small container of dressing on the side.
    • Mixing the veggies and the dressing in advance is much better option, though. One good recipe idea is to chop up some cabbage (red or green, but it's a great idea to mix both) and make a mayo and lime dressing. Season with some black pepper and salt. Refrigerate it so that it's cool when lunch time arrives.
    • Go freestyle! The great thing about this recipe is that you can use it as a base and mix it up however you want. Add anything you like, such as lemon, mustard, peas, croutons, chicken slices, herbs, cheese, tomatoes, anything!
    • Make your salad as colorful as you can! It's the ultimate golden rule for getting the absolute best of good vitamins in every bite. Like they say, the more the merrier!
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    For a change, go ahead and make a fruit salad! They can be a really juicy and refreshing substitute for normal salad. Plus, if you're making a fruit salad, then you don't need to bring along an extra fruit in your lunchbox.
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    Pick out some fruit. Organic peaches, plums, nectarines, bananas, apples, cherries, mangoes, and oranges are all great. You might want to chop the mango and orange to make it easier and quicker to eat at school.
    • You can also opt to take apples or bananas for school (the traditional option) for school. These' fruit hardly require any time to prep, and it takes almost half the time of it to eat. They also provide an excellent source of fiber, and they pack a great energy boost when you start to feel a little drowsy or tired, which makes them a great pick-me-up!
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    Prepare a main meal. Brown rice, stir-fry, chicken, pork, steak, soup, and the traditional sandwich all make great 'stomach fillers'. Try to bring something that can be eaten cold or at room temperature, unless your cafeteria has a microwave that you can use. Try to incorporate good food like salmon and nuts into your main meal.
    • If you choose a main meal which is versatile, like a sandwich, you can put your veggie salad into it straight away. This saves much more space in your lunchbox. For a healthier sandwich, go for wholewheat bread and turkey meat with cheese. Don't forget to add your salad into the sandwich!
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    Make a dessert. It can be very easy to make brownies or cookies. Try to avoid store-bought ones though, unless you're really desperate. Not only are they extremely unhealthy, they also make your blood sugar level spike like crazy! You might think, (from previous experiences) that snacks give you the sudden energy boost you need for school, but all they do is just make your sugar levels spike for 30 minutes (at the most), and then they suddenly leave you stark-raving hungry and tired all over again. So, the homemade ones are your best bet.
    • Try baking cookies or brownies during the weekends. This way, you're getting a nice batch of snacks ready to be eaten the whole week. Smart, eh? You can also persuade your mom to bake her signature (chocolate, crumble, sponge, anything) cake for school! Just help out to make the job quicker and easier for her.
    • If you want, go ahead and make a berry dessert! Besides being healthy, they also work well as a sweet end to your meal. Just dip some berries (strawberries work best) into melted chocolate-don't go all the way up, halfway up the strawberry is just nice) and roll the chocolate half into ground almonds. This two-in-one dessert (fruit + chocolate) are a great way to bulk up on vitamins without sacrificing great taste. Plus, you don't have to bring other fruits if you bring this dessert to school!

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