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How to Pack for a Cruise if You're a Teenage Girl

Ever wondered what to pack for that 7 day summer cruise you're going on with family and friends? Fretting over how many pairs of t-shirts and shorts need to be packed in your already over-stuffed suitcase? Or maybe you're a veteran cruiser who just needs a few extra pointers on some key items to pack for the cruise. Either way, this article is for you!


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    Start off with the toiletries. And no, we don't mean toilet paper (there will be plenty on the cruise). Be sure to pack:
    • Toothbrush, Toothpaste
    • Soap, Body wash
    • Shampoo and Conditioner (they provide you with this on the cruise, but bring your own if you only use a specific shampoo brand)
    • Q-tips/cotton balls, Nail file
    • Floss
    • Shower cap (optional because these are also provided)
    • Tweezers, Bug spray
    • Deodorant, Facial Cleanser
    • Perfume or Body Spray
    • Lip Balm
    • Moisturizer
    • Razors (disposable)
    • Hair products
    • Sunscreen (very important)
    • Don't forget about pads or tampons, because you never know what might happen, so it's always important to take precautions.
    • Don't forget to bring underwear, bandeaus (important if you are wearing low-cut tank tops), bras (at least one strapless one), thin tank tops that go under your clothes, and other undergarments.
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    Be sure to have the right types of tops. Since most cruises last around a week, you'll be needing enough clothes for that time. However, you will often find yourself changing your clothes multiple times throughout the day for special occasions or because of the weather, so be sure to pack extras. You should bring at least:
    • 6 T-shirts
    • 4-5 Tank tops/Camis (2 is fine)
    • 2 Sweaters
    • 2 or more dressy but semi-casual tops (such as one shouldered tops)
    • One long sleeved shirt
    • Cardigans (to wear over tank tops and dresses)
    • One hoodie
    • At least 2 formal tops
    • One plain white t-shirt (never know when it might come in handy)
    • One 3 quarter length blouse (Take in account that you do not need to pack all of these tops, but it can be often chilly on the cruise.
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    Be aware that for bottoms, it's OKAY to wear the same pairs of shorts multiple times during the cruise, most people do - and it would be crazy to waste money on 7 pairs of shorts. So I recommend:
    • 3 to 4 pairs of shorts (blue and white as an absolute must). Depending on what type of shorts you prefer, you can pack short-shorts, mid-sized, or even the Bermuda shorts.
    • If you are the athletic type, be sure to bring gym shorts and a loose fitting shirt/tank top, since there are places to exercise and play sports on the cruise.
    • One pair of capris (perfect for when the weather gets a little chilly, or if the dining room does not allow shorts during the evening)
    • You can't go wrong with black leggings, it's even better if they are the ones that are as long as capris, because they are perfect at night and go with any outfit!
    • Bring lace tights to wear with a skirt if it's shorter.
    • Always pack an extra pair of jeans and sweats, because the weather is unpredictable. Plus, you don't exactly want to be wearing your best dress during an excursion involving you climbing rocks and jumping into water.
    • If you're someone who works out at the gym, or just needs that one day to dress for comfort, then you should consider packing yoga pants.
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    Don't forget a few dresses. Yes girls, this means dresses, and even if you cringe at the slightest mention of the word, there are still other ways to look good at those formal nights on the cruise. Pack at least;
    • Two dresses (up to 3-4). One should be a classic summer dress, and the other should be a more formal one. The reason being is that some cruises offer teen clubs for girls (and guys) like you to meet up everyday, and they have activities that include a teen dance some nights. Also, there will probably be a formal night where professional photographers are hired to take high quality photos of you and your family/friends.
    • It's important to have two summer dresses, and you can even buy a romper if you like, since those are pretty stylish as well!
    • As far as skirts go, you want to look classy on a cruise, so I suggest you do not bring that short mini-skirt with you - it's only going to attract the wrong kind of attention. Instead, bring a nice black pencil skirt that reaches at least mid-thigh, or even a cute bubble or flipped ruffle skirt. You can wear it with a tank top, or a cute dressy top.
    • It's also nice to pack a jean skirt to wear during the day when it's casual-wear (you can always wear tights or leggings underneath if you do not feel comfortable).
    • If you can't stand skirts either, then you can always go with a dressy top and dress pants or leggings.
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    For shoes, don't bring every pair of shoes in your closet. Chances are that you aren't going to be wearing half of them. And sorry girls, this means absolutely no boots. You'll obviously need:
    • Flip flops (bring at least two pairs, one with a slight heel)
    • Two pairs of sandals (be sure to get some really stylish ones with a color that matches with everything)
    • Running shoes (you'll need these during excursions or if you exercise)
    • Flats (just in case you have an outfit that doesn't match with sandals)
    • Two pairs of heels for those formal nights. For heels, they don't have to be huge, even one inch is fine.
    • You will need a pair of water shoes or crocs if you are going on a more dangerous excursion involving water.
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    Have something to fix up your hair. Hair straighteners are a must, because they don't provide you with them on the cruise. It's also good to keep an extra blow-dryer handy, because the one on the cruise isn't exactly top-notch. If you can't afford (or just don't want to) go to the salon to do your hair for formal nights, then it is recommended that you bring your own curling iron or curling wand. Be sure to bring hair products such as:
    • Mousse (this gives pretty waves to your hair)
    • Hair spray
    • Anti-frizz cream (you'll need a ton of this if you have curly hair, trust me)
    • Hair serum, and all the other products you use to style your hair.
    • Blow drying brush
    • Comb and a pin-cushion hair brush
      • Be aware that it can get pretty windy on the cruise, so don't spend 3 hours straightening your hair only to have it frizz up with the weather (bring hair ties to pull it back on deck, and tons of hair spray).
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    Always bring sunglasses, especially if it's a summer cruise. You'll be constantly in the sun, so be sure to bring a stylish pair of glasses that still protects you from the UV rays (there will be a sticker or label indicating this on the glasses). You'll also need:
    • Belts, since they look great with shorts (and pull them up if you have a tiny waist), and you can always use the thicker ones to accessorize your tops (bring at least three).
    • Most important accessory: hair ties.(You don't want to straighten/curl your hair every day do you?) You'll need them for a lot, so always keep one or two on your arm since it comes in handy
    • Necklaces, bracelets (piling on a ton of cute bracelets is in style this summer), anklets, and rings to spice up your outfits. Don't go overboard though!
    • Little bows and fake flowers (a small white flower is suggested so it doesn't look tacky) can be added, but it can often be perceived as juvenile.
    • Headbands, clips, a cute tote bag, and earrings of course! And if you're a bit more daring, then even belly rings!
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    Hats (optional). Although many girls don't like wearing hats, it's always good to pack a visor or a cute straw hat in case the sun is just too much to handle.
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    Don't forget your swimming suit(s). We're all at that age where we feel insecure about our bodies, so don't worry, bikini or one-piece, it doesn't matter! You should pack:
    • At least one one-piece swim suit (as this will come in handy if you are racing someone in the pool, running laps, or on an excursion that requires constantly swimming in the water)
    • Since you'll need to alternate swimwear, I suggest having at least two bathing suits, or three if you tend to go in the water a lot.
    • For bikinis, there are so many styles out there, so pick one that flatters your body type.
    • Also, if you're someone who's slightly flat-chested and embarrassed, don't worry! There are so many stores that sell swimsuits with a little extra padding or room for inserts in them.
    • Consider bringing a sarong to tie up on your swimsuit after getting out of the water (or swimsuit cover-up).
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    Don't forget the extras. There will always be times on the cruise where you just need time to relax and for yourself.
    • Bring your iPod or music player with you (remember to bring the charger as well), so you can listen to your favorite tunes while lounging on the pool chairs or while sitting on the Lido deck.
    • If you're an avid reader, bring your favorite book (or a good one you haven't finished) where you can read on your balcony, stateroom, or somewhere peaceful on the ship.
    • Always keep 4 to 5 pairs of clean socks in your suitcase.
    • Keep an extra water bottle or plastic cup handy because you never know when they hand out free drinks.
    • Just in case, pack a light jacket, and if you tend to get sea-sick, then have some extra pills handy.
    • Bring ear-plugs if you hate noise, and a sleeping mask with to wear over your eyes at night if you need pitch darkness.
    • If you want to write about what you did during the cruise, bring a laptop (make sure there's no internet because there are high charge rates) or even just a journal where you can write about your fun experiences.
    • Don't forget to pack at least three pairs of pajamas, although you probably won't be sleeping much on the cruise! Some comfy shorts or spandex and maybe some sweatpants should do! Or if you want to have the best of both worlds, leggings are the way to go!
    • Don't forget to bring a camera to document those special memories with your new friends and family members!
    • Bring at least two pens (I don't recommend a pencil unless it's mechanical)& a notebook (handy for writing things down)
    • Headphones, extra batteries, lip balm, band-aids (you never know)
    • Handheld video game (if you're the gamer type of girl)
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    Makeup (optional). If you're someone who can't live without lip gloss, or just wants to dress up for the occasion, then it's important to keep these tools handy in a makeup pouch or carry-on bag. Bring the essentials:
    • Lip gloss/lipstick
    • Eyeliner
    • Mascara
    • Foundation
    • Powder, Concealer
    • Eye shadow, Lip pencil
    • Blush
      • Keep the makeup natural during the day (just a little bit of eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss), and you can apply more for the evening. Although you don't need makeup to feel beautiful, it is nice to dress up since it is a cruise, and it's okay to let loose and try something new.
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    Bring some of your own money. Yes, your parents already paid a ton of money for you to be on the cruise, but it's nice to keep some cash with you at all times if you want a little extra for yourself. If your cruise has in-store stores, then you can buy cute accessories or outfits, or even desserts like special cupcakes or ice cream sundaes. Or maybe you want to get souvenirs from the ports for your friends, so it's good to pack at least 30 dollars for safe keeping. You never know if something might happen when you're on a port, so having extra cash can help you and your family/friends out big time!
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    Be sure to have a few Snacks. Okay, for snacks, just pack:
    • Candy, pretzels or chips for you to snack on at night if you're too lazy to go to the ice cream bar (or if the buffet is closed)
    • Sometimes there might be candy stores on board too (you'll need to pay with your own money)
    • Packs of gum to keep your breath fresh throughout the day - bad breath is a turn-off to friends, new acquaintances, family, and basically everyone around you.


  • This list tailors to all teenage girls, so don't worry if you don't need to pack some of the items on this list! Just pick and choose the ones that are most important to you.
  • Bring plastic bags to hold some hair products just in case they spill.
  • It's always good to first make a list of what you need, and be sure everyone is aware of any special accommodations that you need to bring with you on-board.
  • If you are someone who tends to lose items easily - mainly your room card, you should consider buying a lanyard to wear around your neck (you should also get an extra room key from the front desk).
  • If you want, you can always repeat the same shirt on another day, no one will mind or care.
  • If anything, you can ask your parents if there is something that they think is important for you to pack.
  • Consider bringing an extra towel, even though they do provide you with them on the cruise. However, be aware that they will charge you if you lose any of their towels.
  • Since you will be traveling with an adult, they will most likely be handling all the paperwork, credit cards, and passports, so you do not need to worry about that.


  • Be aware that during formal dinners, you cannot wear shorts, capris, casual tank tops, swimwear, sweats, cut-offs, flip flops, or go barefoot.
  • If you are thinking about bringing nail polish, make sure it is under 3oz. Consider applying polish before going on the cruise if you don't want the hassle. If anything, there are always spas in the cruise, or you can buy nail polish during the stops on the ports.
  • Do not over-pack, but don't forget to bring important items that you will need on the cruise as well!
  • If you can't live without the Internet, there are stations available, but again, you will have to pay per the minute, so it will be very expensive. So just try to stay off Facebook, Twitter or MSN for a least a week, okay?
  • It is recommended that you do not bring a cell phone on the cruise. Cruises are a time of relaxation from the technology that dominates our world, and you'll be too busy having fun to be even looking at your phone. Moreover, there are huge charge rates for calling and to text someone per minute (since the ship uses satellites), so it's basically a waste of money.
  • This list is specifically for those who are going on a cruise during the summer. If you are going during the wintertime, then you may want to pack jackets, boots and other clothes better suited for the colder weather.

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