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Two Parts:Setting Up the Pamper ZonePampering Yourself

Celebrities pamper themselves a lot, it's part of their job description. For one day a month you can do the same, and have a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Part 1
Setting Up the Pamper Zone

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    Purchase or prepare items ahead of the pamper. Get facial, scrub, massage oil materials. Get manicure items. Find a nice bath robe. If using candles, have some ready. Splash out on some expensive pamper treats for the sake of being celebrity-like.
    • Get some classy shampoo and conditioner that will leave your hair feeling and smelling ah-mazing.
    • Some matching scent body wash can be a nice addition.
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    Fill the bath with lukewarm water. Float some pretty flowers in the bath, such as hibiscus or frangipani. Light the tea lights and arrange them around the edges of the bath.
    • Choose highly scented candles.
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    Put on some soft, classical or New Age music in the background. Keep all electrical cords and machinery well away from the bath, to avoid electrocuting yourself.
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    Lay down a fluffy bathmat. If it's cold out, warm your towels in the dryer or on a heated towel rack.
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    Have some suitable drink ready. Champagne for the older person, bubbly apple juice for the younger. A few chocolate snacks won't go astray either. Or, if on a diet, have a plate of raw veggie snacks.
    • If you're really into this theme, buy yourself a piece of jewelry, wrap it up and give it to yourself at the end of the pamper session. You've earned it.

Part 2
Pampering Yourself

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    De-stress. Take a long bath using bath lotion or bath crystals. Use a loofah or body brush to exfoliate while you relax in the bath. If it helps, listen to chillout music and close your eyes.
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    Give yourself a facial. Fill your sink with boiling water, put your face over the sink and then drape a towel over your head and the sink. Wait for 5-10 mins, and then splash cold water on your face to close pores. Then use a face mask. Put it on, put 2 slices of cucumbers over your eyes and lay back and relax.
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    Give yourself a massage, or get a friend to. Use massage oil and start by massaging your neck and shoulders. Use circular motions and massage neck and shoulders for about 10 minutes. Then move onto other parts of your body, and get a willing friend to massage your back for you.
    • Look up self-massage for the best techniques if you can't get a friend to massage you.
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    Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. File your fingernails, push back your cuticles and then apply a hot new color, or try a French manicure.
    • For your pedicure, soak your feet in a bowl of warm water and lotion. Then, file your toenails and paint them. If you do not want to paint your nails, that is perfectly fine. Just do all but that, and you will feel equally good!
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    Put the soft bath robe on. Lie around and be absolutely lazy. Soak up the vibes of being a relaxed and pampered person. This won't last, so make the most of it while you can.
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    Pop on your pajamas, nightie or onesie and get ready for bed. Clean your teeth, tie back your hair and put on moisturizer. Then head off to bed well pampered.
    • Don't forget the warm, fuzzy slippers.
    • Be sure to blow out the candles before going to bed.
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    Snuggle into bed. Put on a favorite movie, YouTube episode or anything else you enjoy watching. Or, toss the electronics and read a good book. Reading a book a day is a great health habit.


  • Relax! That is the most important thing. Make sure you have a nice, clean room with plenty of space to relax in.
  • You can put something astringent in the facial water, like rosemary,or a lemon slice.
  • Originally, your toenails were said that they had to match your fingernails but have some fun every once in a while and paint them two different crazy colors.
  • Eat well to detox your system. Try swapping sugary snacks for a fruit smoothie, and try healthy options for meals.
  • Do it towards the end of a weekend.
  • It's best to do spa treatments on a Sunday, so your all fresh for the new week.
  • If you are careful and you have parental permission, light a few candles while you are in the bath.
  • Go to a nail salon and have your nails professionally done, clipped, and cleaned every few days.


  • If you listen to chillout music, don't put the CD player or whatever you are playing music on or near the bath. If it falls in you will get electrocuted and die!
  • Be careful if you light candles, and remember to blow them out when you leave the bathroom!

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