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This page is going to tell you how to pass notes in class, although each method listed should only be used in the most dire of situations. It is a major distraction from your work and you should encourage yourself not to participate in note passing. Please enjoy but if you do get caught, it's your own fault. But you can do it if your teacher isn't too strict. This article can help prevent you from getting caught, so... onwards!


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    Keep your note tiny. Close it into a square as small as it will go, and keep your handwriting as small as possible. Remember, you are trying to be inconspicuous.
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    Stretch your hand over the edge of the receiver's desk and let the note drift down. A simpler way to pass the note is to place your hand on the receiver's desk as if steadying yourself and let the note slide out. Or if your neighbor has a purse or bag that is slightly open, you can drop the note in there.
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    Watch the teacher. If your eyes are focused on them, it will be much easier to tell when to hide.
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    Plan ahead. If you know you'll have a class together with the receiver try to sit in front of, or behind them, instead of next to each other or rows apart. It's less obvious to pass notes over your shoulder than across rows.
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    If you have notebooks for the class (the study for a test type), write your note with the paper inside the notebook. It will look like you're writing down and sharing notes about what the teacher was going on about - not what a cute guy just said to you.

Method 1
The Pen Pass

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    Ahead of time, get a friend to ask you to borrow a pen. Write the note on a piece of paper small enough to fit inside the cap of a pen. Roll the paper and place it inside of the pen. Pass it to the receiver. After that, just wait for them to pass the pen back! They can replace your note with another note and pass it back. Just remember to watch the teacher!
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    Put your note in a certain page in a textbook. Take tiny post-it notes and stick them inside the textbook. Write different notes to direct the receiver like, turn to page 3, turn to page 66, until they find the note. It will look like you or the receiver is studying instead of reading the note.

Method 2
Decoy Method

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    Keep a spare note handy. Just in case your teacher sees you and asks to bring the note up, have an extra note handy that is about something relating to class but not cheating. For example: "Is the project due on Thursday or Friday?" or "Did you understand the last chapter?"
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    Make sure the note looks similar to the original that the teacher has already seen or they'll know you switched it.
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    Toss the note in a pocket, purse or back of a book with the fake note pretending that it was impulsive so no one will know. Obviously, if you've already been called up you should have both notes handy and the hiding would be obvious.

Method 3
Notebook Method

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    Keep a notebook, especially if you pass notes with a particular person.
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    Use a one subject spiral notebook to write your notes. Instead of using individual pages, just pass the notebook.
    • A spiral notebook can look like you are sharing notes about the class.
    • It doesn't tempt others to read or intercept it.
    • It's bigger so passing it long distances isn't wise.
    • It's easy to pass to someone sitting close. It doesn't scream "note".

Method 4
Trash Method

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    Start with a small piece of paper such as an index card and rip it as much as you can without ripping it into multiple pieces
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    Write your note naturally and then fold your index card with the torn parts so it's about a 1x1 inch square with folds on the edge so it looks like a bit of ripped paper going to the trash.
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    Walk up the the trash and throw it close to the trash can but not in.
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    Have your friend afterwards walk up the trash can, pick up the note as if it was just a random piece of paper and when they get up, switch the note with any piece of paper they have that looks like the note which they would throw into the trash.
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    Done! The teacher may have seen the note but would not have realized it and would've thought that a random student who went to throw away a piece a paper just felt nice enough to pick up someone else's trash.

Method 5
Gum Method (For Classes That Allow Gum)

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    Find a gum wrapper that is a decent size.
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    Write what you want on the wrapper.
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    Pass to friend.
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    Have friend give a wrapper back with a note on it.

Method 6
Pencil (and Mechanical Pencils)/Pen Method

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    Write your note on a small piece of paper.
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    Roll it up around your pencil.
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    Finally, drop the pencil if your friend sits behind or near you and ask for them to get it for you.
    • If you have a mechanical pencil, take off the top part (where you usually put in the lead) and put your note in there. Then put the top back on and pass it to your friend. It will seem like you were just lending them a pencil.
    • Alternatively, this also works with pens with caps and removable grips. Just follow the same steps as for mechanical pencils, but keep hold of the removed grip, and pass the pen holding the cap so as to cover the note.

Method 7
Glue-stick Method

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    Twist the glue in the glue-stick down all the way
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    Write your note on a small piece of paper.
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    Put the note inside the lid of the glue stick.
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    Pass the glue stick to your friend.

Method 8
Walking past Method

  1. 1
    Get your note and get out of your seat as if getting a drink of water.
  2. 2
    Walk past your friend's desk then give them the note.
  3. 3
    Go to your seat.
  4. 4
    Make it realistic. Instead of just giving your friend the note then coming back to your seat, go and get a drink of water. You'll seem inconspicuous and more natural.

Method 9
Tissue Box Method

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    Go and get a tissue with your note in hand.
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    Get a tissue but put a note in the tissue box.
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    Have your friend walk up and take the note.
    • REMEMBER: Always tell your friend that you are using this method before the class, so they will remember to go and get a tissue.

Method 10
Origami Method

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    Learn to make simple origami shapes e.g. swan.
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    While in class you can write your note and fold the paper into the origami shape of your choosing.
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    The teacher will only think you are making an origami shape and will not be so suspicious.

Method 11
Ball Method

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    Tear off a teeny bit of paper from your notebook (approx. 1 in by 1 in).
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    Write what you want to say while you're taking notes.
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    When you're done, crumple up the paper into a ball.
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    Carefully flick the ball on to your friend's desk (while the teacher isn't looking!). (This method works the best when they are sitting near you but if they're not, the ball has enough weight for throwing but is small enough to not make a noise.)

Method 12
Book Pass

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    Get a hard cover book.
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    Write the note.
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    Stick it in the front or back cover.
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    Put the book on the ground and pass it with your feet. Try not to hit desks with it. Works best if the person is near you. Might want to do the decoy note with this also. If the teacher asks why you are sliding a book to someone tell them that it was their book. If the teacher checks it and sees that it is yours then tell them you thought it was the other person's.

Method 13
Lip Balm

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    Get a tube of lip balm (the type you twist up and down)
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    Empty the tube and wind it all the way down, a white stick should poke up
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    Write a note on a long but narrow piece of paper (ripped out of a notebook is the best) and roll it as tight as you can.
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    Put it in the empty tube (stick going through middle) and raise the note up so it looks like lip balm at a glance (teacher proof).
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    Pass the note.
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    To lower the note, wind the twist part so the base goes down to push the note, it won't lower independently

Method 14
Crayon Method

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    Get a really thick crayon.
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    Hollow it out. You might want to carve the inside with a crayon.
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    Make the hole very wide but not too wide. Just big enough for you to fit a note inside. Put your note inside the crayon and you're ready to go!

Method 15
Pencil Sharpener Method

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    You will need a small pencil sharpener that you can keep in your pencil case. Make sure it is the kind that holds pencil shavings and you can open and close.
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    Write your note. Fold it up as small as you can and put it inside the pencil sharpener. (make sure the sharpener has no pencil shavings in it first)! It helps to use a post-it, as a full size piece of paper may not fit.
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    Toss the sharpener to your friend or walk over and hand it to them. If your friend sits really close to the teacher, they may want to actually break their pencil to avoid suspicion. If your teacher asks what you're doing, tell them that you're letting your friend borrow your pencil sharpener.
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    Your friend can write a response, put it in the pencil sharpener and hand your sharpener back to you, pretending to return it.
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    This is a good method because there's no need to be sneaky. You can simply hand your friend the sharpener out in the open. However, if you do this ten times in a row and your teacher sees, he/she will probably become suspicious. So, after a few times you might want to start making it less obvious.

Method 16
Foot Passing Method

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    Write your note and place it on the floor. (Do so by pretending to scratch your foot. If you are wearing Uggs, put 2 or 3 fingers in your boot and the other 2 or 3 holding the note and dropping it to the floor. Be sure your wrote on small paper.)
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    Step on the note.
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    When the teacher is not looking, slide the note over to your friend. (If your friend is on the right, drop and pick something up from the left. While you bend down to get it, flick your foot and raise your leg slightly. Vise-versa for the right.)
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    Your friend should step on the note A.S.A.P.
  5. 5
    When the teacher isn't looking, your friend picks the note up and does the following if chosen.

Method 17
The Reach Method

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    Write your note and fist it up in your hand.
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    Stretch with your hands out as if you would in the morning.
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    Have the other person on the side of you stretch also and grab the note.

Method 18
The Helping Method

  1. 1
    Your note must be small!
  2. 2
    It must be a working period were everyone is working individually at their desks.
  3. 3
    Get your friend to call you over or randomly go over to their desk.
  4. 4
    Pretend you're explaining something on their sheet, when secretly leaving the note on their desk.
  5. 5
    Whisper that you left the note there but quietly so it would look like you're helping them.
  6. 6
    If the teacher asks what you are doing, you say, "Sorry. I was just explaining something to him/her."

Method 19
The Messy Desk Method

  1. 1
    If you have a desk that are all pushed together, put random bits of paper all over the inside of your desk.
  2. 2
    Write something on a piece of paper and leave it in between you and your friend.
  3. 3
    Wait for them to give you back a note.
  4. 4
    Repeat (this method is particularly useful if you are having a note conversation) once more.

Method 20
Simple Method

  1. 1
    Simply hand the note to your friend when your teacher isn't looking! If your friend sits near you, that is. If your friend sits farther away, you could crumple the note up into a ball and throw it to him/her. Or, you could pass it to another classmate that sits closer to your friend than you do (make sure they are trustworthy and won't read it, throw it away or tell the teacher) and tell them to give it to your friend.


  • While writing the note, pretend to be taking notes. Put the piece of paper on top of your notebook and look up at the board or your teacher from time to time. To get it to your pal, just use one of the methods above.
  • "Accidentally" drop your pencil over near where your friend is sitting. In your other hand, have the note. Drop it by your friend while picking up the pencil! Don't make it too obvious!
  • A coded message is usually safest, especially if you wish to hide whatever you wrote. You could make up a secret code with your friend, or, if you and your friend both speak another language (the same one, of course) write in that language so that the teacher won't understand what the note says if you get caught.
  • If the teacher is known for catching kids who pass notes, wait until a different class! It's just not worth it.
  • Take the ink out of a Bic pen by removing the end. Roll note into a small roll and place into the pen. Have your friend ask for a pen, and give them the pen with the note inside.
  • If you sit next to the person, post-it notes are great. Just write your note and stick it to them or their desk.
  • If you have desks that are next to each other (or relatively close as opposed to a few feet apart), both you and your friend can open binders and let the ends touch. all you have to do is slide the note to the end of your binder and onto theirs. This works better when you have the Case-it or Five-star (or similar) binders with zippers, as it is not as obvious as with the cheap plastic.
  • Most teachers won't notice if you do pass a note, so keep it simple.
  • If you have a trademark (for example, you always dot your i's with a heart) don't do it! Your teacher will know right away that it's from you. It may be easier to have two different handwriting styles: one for notes and one for assignments.
  • Do Morse codes and put school questions under the dots/dashes. Your teacher will never know that the Morse code is the real message. She/He will think it's just plain dots!
  • If the person you are sending the note to is far away from your seat and the school supplies are near them, when teacher's not looking get up, hide the note in your hand and pretend to get some supplies. While you are "getting supplies" slip the note to your friend.
  • Drop a pencil and tell a person near you to pass this note to whoever you were going to pass the note to. Also, you can pretend to go get a tissue or throw something away. Then, when the teacher isn't looking, drop the note on a person's desk if they are to hard to get to from your own desk.
  • If your friend understands writing with your left hand (or right hand if you are are left-handed), write with that other hand. If you get caught, your teacher won't know you wrote it because the writing will be 'quite' different from your regular handwriting.
  • If the person sits behind you, hold the note in your hand and pretend you are stretching to drop it on the front of their desk. To return it, they can tuck it under your arm on the opposite side of where the teacher is standing.
  • If you get caught, hold the note in your hand and when the teacher asks for it insist that it is very private. They will usually let you keep it or say something like "Put it in the trash can!"
  • If you go up to get a tissue, fake blow your nose and let the note fall out of your hand.
  • Wait for the teacher to leave the room or as he/she turns his/her back.
  • If you know you can trust someone not to tell on you, use them to pass notes to people next to them.
  • Get up and go to the drinking fountain. On the way there, drop the note on the person's lap or desk.
  • Another step is to fake cough and as you're coughing mysteriously, let the note fly near the person.
  • Get a book. Put the note in a certain page (for example: page 209). Then tell the note receiver to turn to that page and get the note.
  • Put the note into a pencil sharpener and then that gives you the excuse you need to just get up and hand the the note to the person without anyone knowing.
  • Try getting your teacher to look in the other direction. Ask them to explain something on the board and then pass the note. This is also an opportunity to throw the note to someone else across the room. If you are a smart pupil, this method will seem suspicious!
  • If the person is in front of you, put the note on the front space of your shoe but look at the teacher. Then tell that person to drop a piece of paper and pick up the note with it. You could also tell them to scoot forward on their chair, then drop the note on their chair behind them. Then they can scoot back to where they were, reach under themselves, and get the note.
  • For the Book Pass, the smaller the books, the better.
  • If the note is extremely personal and you want to keep it private at all costs and you end up getting caught, eat the note. That's right! Stick it in your mouth, chew it and slobber all over it until it is completely unreadable! Make sure you have a good excuse for what the note said!
  • If you have a pencil sharpener, pencil case or anything else, you should simply put the note inside the item and pass the object to your friend. For example, say you place your note inside a pencil case, just give your friend the pencil case and it will look like you're just sharing supplies.
  • If you have lockers, then write the note in class, fold it up and slip it up the vents of their locker, making sure it is not visible or reachable to outsiders. (Many people like to walk down the halls and grab those things out of the vents.) This is much slower but safer.
  • Sticky notes are great for passing notes to those near you. Simply write the note, stick it on your shoe, and move your leg to where the person can reach the note. They can then pull off the note, write a reply and stick it back on your shoe.
  • Pretend to scratch your foot while actually placing the note underneath your shoe. Then, when the teacher isn't looking and your friend is ready, kick/slide the note to your friend. They can step on the note to hide it until they are able to bend down and grab it.
  • Try having your friend ask for some help off you. You can just say "I'm helping him/her with a question." Make sure to hurry straight to his/her desk! If the teacher says go and sit down make sure that you have put the note in the book. (Make sure that person sees that you have done that!)
    • Tip for this method: Make sure this is only a bit of normal work (say writing a story) and not independent. In fact, it's best to just use this method if nothing else will work as it isn't very safe!
    • In math class: Have the person whom you are passing the note to, to watch you place the note between the calculator lid and the calculator. The person will ask to borrow your calculator. They can return their note inside the calculator. Works every time.
    • If you are just playing around, write words on the calculator like "BOOGIE" or something.
  • While in class, write the note and pretend to drop a pencil. Stick the note in your shoe or pocket, and ask to go to the bathroom and stick it somewhere in the bathroom where no one will find it. Plan the stall ahead of time, then have your friend use the bathroom (Warning: Only use the bathroom once per hour in class; just meet your friend after class to give them the note). Make sure your friend knows what stall you put it in or it won't work!
  • Use nicknames so that no one will know who was passing the note. For instance, you might consider "From: ChocolateLover, To: QueenOfHearts" Since sometimes you can guess nicknames just put To You from You Know Who if they know that you are going to give them a note.
  • You can always use excuses! Don't lie, but don't tell them the whole truth.
  • Remember to watch the teacher. When he/she is not looking, pass the note.


  • If people have to pass it down a row to get to your friend, be aware that people may open or read it as they pass it down.
  • Please remember, passing notes could also get your friend in trouble! Often a teacher will punish both the giver and receiver.
  • Remember if you're gossiping, bad-talking or talking about people's boyfriend/girlfriend and they're in that class, don't pass it. The teacher might catch you and read the note out loud and embarrass/anger the person you wrote it about.
  • If you decide to pass notes, remember that what you write can be seen by anyone near you unless written in code.
  • If you need someone to give it to your friend and they look like they gossip a lot don't do it.
  • Some people will try to intercept it, so try not to pass it to a friend so far away that there are 3 or more people separating you, unless you know said people.
  • Throwing notes is always a bad idea.
  • Make sure you think about passing notes before you do it. If your teacher is strict, you should not pass notes or else if caught, you could get in very big trouble.
  • Consider the consequences. Is writing your friends a note about tacos worth a possible detention? On top of that, you will miss a very important lesson. If you must write a note, do it but most talk can wait until the bell rings.

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