How to Pass the Third Grade

While third grade is a whole new change, there's no need to worry, as third grade is just like going through any other stage of growing older. Sometimes, third grade may be successful, sometimes it may not be. But this article will show you how to get through the third grade with ease.


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    Do your homework. Homework is important and forms part of your overall marks and impression on the teacher. Do your very best and take time when doing it; rushed homework is often not done well. If you don't understand homework, have someone to help you. There's someone out there that can help you, such as a sibling, parent/guardian, friend or teacher.
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    Try your best at everything. If you don't try your best, you may get a lower grade. If you try your best, your teacher will be happy that he/she knows you're trying your best. Working hard pays off. Working hard may give you an average of As and Bs or 100 or 90s. Your parents will be happy with the good grades.
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    Participate in class. If you are sure of your answer, be confident and raise your hand high. Even if it's wrong, your teacher will still see how confident you are and be impressed that you have it a go. Also, when the teacher wants students to do her or him a favor, raise your hand quickly and high. The teacher will be pleased to see that you are happy to help him/her.
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    Be helpful towards your classmates. Be nice, kind, and respectful. Your teacher will be proud of your kindness and you might boost your grade in the behavior column of your report card. When doing a class assignment that includes teamwork, respect your group or partner and listen to them. Be open minded when you show them your idea or opinion, and listen to theirs in turn.
    • Use teamwork when working with other classmates and remember to share.
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    Don't be a troublemaker. Be kind and respect everyone. Your teacher, your classmates, the staff, everyone. Don't fool around; instead, be mature and be a role model to the younger students.
    • It's best not to stir any trouble and break rules because it can affect the behavior column of your report card. Focus and pay attention to your lesson and directions, taking notes as needed.
    • Pay attention. Listen and follow to the directions. Make sure you are doing what you're told to.
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    Come prepared for school. Have a morning routine. Have a good breakfast each morning. Sleep early and set an alarm clock if you are not capable of waking up on time. Make sure you have all your supplies and that you are clean and energetic. Being prepared is important for a successful year of third grade.


  • Try to avoid procrastinating. Hand in your homework on time, same for your assignments and projects. Avoid distractions!
  • Don't be mean and let down others. Being mean spoils your reputation.
  • Have all the supplies you need. Keep some extra looseleaf paper and copy paper in a folder. Keep a spare notebook in your desk. Bring a lot of pencils and a sharpener, plus a few erasers.
  • Buy a three ringed binder if you want to be organized. It is portable and can keep your supplies organized.
  • If you have any textbooks that are paper, use clear contact paper to cover your books. This will protect the books and allow you to see the titles still.


  • Do not wear anything that is against the dress code.
  • Do not fight bullies. Do the right thing and tell an adult or teacher.
  • Never bend school rules for anything!
  • Tell on someone to a teacher if you see someone doing something wrong. It's wrong to let someone doing something they're not supposed to do to slip and get away with it.
  • When someone wants to copy your homework, assignment, test, project, etc., say no! It is wrong and if it is your friend, tell him/her that you will help them.

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