How to Pick an Outfit for an Apple Shape

Here is a review of the Apple body shape and then some great steps for finding the best way to dress up.


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    Know if you do have an apple shaped body. It means you have a full chest, upper back with very little waist definition. You might appear top heavy. And your bust and mid-riff might appear bigger than your hips. It is also known as 'oval' and 'round'. If you gain weight, the fat gets easily stored around your upper half -- especially around your midsection, this could be another indication you are an Apple body shape.
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    Keep in mind that an apple body shape does not mean over weight just that proportion wise your upper body is larger compared to your lower body.
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    Try to create some curves in the waist area; this can be accomplished by a variety of different ways. Wide stretch fit belts over your tops or dresses will create some dimension at your mid-section. Also another popular tactic is shirts or dresses with an empire waist they will flare out over your hips added some need volume on your lower half
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    Wear colors and patterns on the bottom. So, skirts with cool funky prints will give the illusion of a fuller bottom if worn with a solid color top which in turn will balance out the overall shape. Wearing bright color shoes or calf high boots is another option if you still want to wear slim fitting pants. The boots or shoes will give you extra visual weight on the bottom.
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  • A few more tips and tricks; flared out pants like bell-bottom jeans will also help balance out the look if as you keep things light on the top. For example, you can wear a sleeveless top with a low neckline and then your favourite pair of boot-cut or bell-bottom jeans. Low cut V-neckline add visual length to your upper body which is beneficial to the Apple shape body.
  • So now that you know what your outfit requires to flatter your figure have fun shopping and do not forget about all the great styles and offers online

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