How to Pick out a Purity Ring

A purity ring has religious connotations and is meant to show that you will remain abstinent until marriage - it is a sign of your promise to God. Even if you are not religious, a purity ring is a sign that you are responsible and have decided to stay abstinent until marriage.


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    Choose whether to buy a religious ring or not. A religious ring has references to Jesus, crosses, or bible verses. A non-religious purity ring generally has the motto "True Love Waits" and should be worn with just as much pride as a religious ring. A good program for this is "The Silver Ring Thing".
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    Once you have decided to buy a purity ring, you might want to look at some of the rings online. Another option is to walk around the mall and look for different jewelry stores. Look around at every store that you go to - you can "adapt" any silver ring into a purity ring. If you really like one silver ring, even if it doesn't say "True Love Waits," it means something to you and can be used to symbolize your promise. Pick a purity ring that fits your personality and means something to you.
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    Set up a budget for what your purchase can total. This will make it very easy to find rings instead of window shopping for rings that might be out of your price range. You will be surprised that the rings aren't that expensive, but there are some high-end ones as well. Decide whether you are going to splurge or go for a moderate price. Also, how will you wear the ring? Are you purchasing a chain to wear it on around your neck, or are you wearing it on your finger?
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    Make sure that your ring fits! If you have a ring that already fits your ring finger, you can print out a ring sizing chart and line it up with the right circle. If you can, try on the ring. Any jeweler or jewelry store will be able to help you size a ring.
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    Purchase the ring and follow through with your commitment. If you want, you can wear your ring on a necklace chain.


  • Even though purity rings are a Christian thing, Jews can also have purity rings with the purity blessings in Hebrew.


  • Purity rings are NOT to be taken lightly!

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