How to Pick out Basketball Shoes

Two Parts:What's your budget?Choosing the shoes

Basketball shoes come in different qualities. And depending on how hard you plan on pushing them, you'll need to consider what will bring you the best value for the dollars you can actually afford. Sometimes the most expensive isn't the best deal, while sometimes the cheapest will fall apart so quickly that they're simply false economy. Once you've an idea on what to look for in a basketball shoe, you can become a more savvy and budget-conscious shopper.

Part 1
What's your budget?

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    Prepare a budget. By setting a budget, you can make sure not to overspend and keep your sights on the right price range.
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    Be realistic. If you have too little money, it's time to save up, rather than choose lesser quality. Set aside a small amount each week until you have what you need. Even better, if the shoes come on sale while you're saving, you're all set; just be sure to keep an eye on the stores stocking it for upcoming sales.
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    Check out your favorite brands. Many regular shoe brands carry basketball shoes. However, a good pair of shoes doesn't have to be a brand name. A lesser known brand or basic brand might give you what you need without a big price.

Part 2
Choosing the shoes

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    Know what to look for when choosing basketball shoes. This section sets out some basic things that you should be aware of, to help you judge the worthiness of the shoes when shopping.
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    Look for good tread. The tread on a shoe is the most important thing, be sure to pick a shoe with good court tread. A good court tread will often have zigzags and spirals/circles.
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    Choose a shoe depending on your playing style:
    • For quick players, buy low cut basketball shoes. They are lighter but have less ankle support and stability.
    • For post players and power players, a high top shoe gives great balance and support but is much heavier. High tops are a good choice to prevent ankle twisting.
    • For something in between, pick a mid-top shoe.
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    Ask the attendant for help if you need it.


  • Make sure the basketball shoes are not too heavy or too hot. They will make your feet feel like they are on fire after a while.
  • Take into consideration if you have an ankle brace that it might affect the type of shoe you get. Take the brace with you to try it on with the shoes.
  • Get the right size. Check that your feet don't slide around in the shoes or that they suffocate your feet.


  • Don't get really big shoes or the spare area might cause your feet to move around too much, which will hurt your feet when you are playing.
  • Leave room for growing and socks or you could spend a lot of money for nothing.

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